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Hear From Our Foodies

Really convenient to order ahead for restaurants that don't usually have mobile ordering. also the cheapest order option for restaurants that have multiple ordering options.

Matthew H.

My favorite local app in town! It's the best app if you want to discover local food. The rewards are amazing. I've never found a more amazing app like this. Great app, superb company, happy hippos!!

Amy L.

Byppo is a wonderfully convenient app that lets me choose from a variety of restaurants and other eating establishments with full menus and the convenience of easy payment. It is so much better than having to call each restaurant or go onto different web sites.

Stuart C.

Byppo is an excellent web mobile ordering app that's a great alternative to Grub Hub and Door Dash which charge crazy commissions. Oh and did I mention it's female owned. Highly recommend!

Tandi W.

The Only App That Pays to Eat