Business Operations Internship

Gainesville, Florida, USA

Work Hours
Part-Time (starting at around 20 hours a week, but we have room to grow)


Fall 2021 / Spring 2022 (Accepting applications NOW!)


UNPAID (possible increase as company and responsibility grows)

About Byppo

Byppo Technologies is a food delivery service based in Gainesville, Florida, that is centered around the diverse community and businesses of the local food scene. Byppo aims to help small businesses, customers and drivers alike. Byppo aspires to make an all-inclusive platform for discovering new local eats. We partner with the best local restaurants in town to provide our users with a seamless food ordering experience. Our team members are all food enthusiasts hoping to help small, qualified restaurants grow and hungry users happy. Byppo is dedicated to making a key difference in the industry by offering affordable technologies and effective hands-on marketing.

To learn more about Byppo, visit


We are seeking to hire a Operations/ PM Intern who will be responsible for overseeing and maintaining various projects at BYPPO.


  • Help oversee the successful completion of projects and can work in a wide variety of fields, such as information technology, web development, marketing, and advertising.

  • Help with delegating tasks on the project to team members best positioned to complete them

  • Serve as a point of contact for teams when multiple units are assigned to the same project to ensure team actions remain in synergy

  • Maintain good client relations and help Byppo consistently build new network relations

  • Collaborate and work cross-functionally with other teams as well as product, sales, marketing, finance, etc. to ensure insights inform broader strategic initiatives

  • Effectively drive key insights and scale processes as Byppo expands to different cities and states.

  • Use analytical skills to project, generate, and prioritize business initiatives

  • Use data and analytics to uncover new opportunities to improve internal processes and external touchpoints with potential and existing restaurants.

  • Design and execute experiments to meaningfully improve the quality and efficiency of experience on the Byppo app platform

  • Develop analytical frameworks to support the company in business decision-making

  • Other administrative responsibilities related to internal operations.

Extra Benefits

  • Work closely with a young, entrepreneurial startup team right out of Gainesville, FL

  • Potential full-time job offer after internship opportunity.

  • Gain hands-on industry experience

  • HAVE FUN! At BYPPO, we are all about exploring interesting local food and we enjoy eating together as a team all the time!