The Major Issues

and how we'll address them

Unsanitary Food Delivery

Delivery companies UberEats, Bitesquad, Doordash and other companies share delivery drivers among restaurants. The independent drivers are often reckless in sanitation and may result in the spread of diseases.

Our Solution

BYPPO gives you the freedom to manage and select your own delivery drivers so you'll never have to worry about bad drivers again.

Expensive Fees

Many delivery companies charge your customers around $3-$7 order and around 30%-40% commission per delivery.

Our Solution

BYPPO charges 0% commission on all delivery orders AND allow you to set your own delivery fees that you get to keep.

Long Delivery Times

Independent drivers may have unpredictable delivery times that lead to inconsistent restaurant delivery times.

Our Solution

With BYPPO's platform, your driver will only deliver for your restaurant for the day, allowing you to have more control over delivery times.


Vendor Delivery

0% additional commission, follows the standard pricing. Clients will hire their own delivery personnel but use BYPPO's platform for customer transactions.

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BYPPO Delivery

20% commission (5% increase from standard commission. BYPPO provides independent delivery drivers.

What Byppo Delivery Offers

Everything laid out for you

0% delivery

Doordash, Grubhub, and Ubereats all around charge 30% commission per order. Receive 0% commission benefits when using BYPPO delivery.

One job
done perfectly

Your restaurant will have one duty: to deliver food from your restaurant to the customers' homes. Your delivery driver will not deliver for another restaurant on that same day to avoid COVID-19 exposure. 

delivery drivers

We can recommend drivers interested in delivering for you if needed.*

*(Byppo does not conduct background checks on restaurant's behalf. Pay, scheduling, and employment must be worked out between the restaurant and the driver.)

Minimize physical

Have full control over your drivers and their contact with your customers. Byppo’s platform notifies the customer once their food has arrived at their door to minimize contact.

Make extra

Set your own delivery fees and keep 100% of your delivery profits.

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