A Plan For Every Type of Restaurant

No matter the scope of your business, BYPPO is here to help bring hungry hippos and delicious food together.

Community at the Heart

BYPPO was built to connecting hungry hippos with delicious local food. We see our relationship to our vendors as a friendship.


You can rely on us through thick and thin, and we're committed to supporting and growing your business through our platform and resources.


That's the spirit of BYPPO.


Online Management System

  • Update your online menu round-the-clock 365 days

  • Track your daily, weekly, or monthly earnings

  • Analyze your top-performing products

Flexible Service Options

  • Choose between express pickup, delivery, pre-ordering, curbside pickup, or all at once

  • Receive personalized 1-1 restaurant consultation with our Byppo Team​

Dedicated Account Support

  • Get your account setup in less than 2 days

  • Resolve issues in a timely manner

  • Optimize your marketing strategy with expert advice

Personal Marketing Team

  • Resolve issues in a timely manner

  • Optimize your marketing strategy with expert advice

  • Access contemporary marketing templates and tools

  • Theory-based approaches

Daily Transparent Payouts

  • See upcoming payouts, expected deposit dates, etc.

  • Fast, predictable payouts to your bank accounts

  • We provide order dispute support on your behalf as well!

15k+ User Network

  • Exclusive access to all of our local users

  • Learn from other restaurant owners from the BYPPO network

  • Access valuable consumer behavioral data

Let's Grow Your Business.


June Allen

Owner of Ember's Grill

Gainesville, FL

"Our customers found the app really easy to use, and it increased our daily sales!"

Bo Prum

Owner of Prum's Kitchen

Gainesville, FL

"Customers love being able to get ahead of the line in take-out. They're responding very well to how user-friendly BYPPO is!"

Nataly Meth

Owner of Cilantro Tacos

Gainesville, FL

"Byppo is one of the most user friendly platforms that I have experienced."

Wade McMullen

General Manager at Satchel's Pizza

Gainesville, FL

"Byppo was quick and easy to get setup and running and is a simple solution for no fuss online ordering."

What do our restaurants say?


Featuring only the best local eats



Does your business have what it takes?

Unique Local Flavors

We care about good food, with unique taste and flavor. We look for flavors that often can't be found anywhere else in the world.

Our restaurants showcase the most authentic and unique flavors in the city.

Superior Service

Amazing people share tasty food together. We care just as much about the people behind the food as the food itself.  

Our restaurants have some of the best service in town.

Innovative & Clean

People are always changing, and so is our taste in food. The environment in which food is prepared is a priority to us.

Our restaurants not only prepare food in the cleanest kitchens but also prepared with the most creative minds.