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This is compensation for the distance traveled for each order.

Sometimes, the mileage doesn’t accurately represent the amount of time an order takes, so we make sure you’re also compensated for your total time on the road. 

You keep 100% of your tips in addition to your total pay.

BYPPOHero delivery partners can boost their pay by completing Missions (exciting ways to earn extra cash by reaching goals in a set amount of time*), earning in-offer bonuses and participating in fun sweepstakes!


*All special offers are subject to specific markets and time periods.

Mileage per order


Time spent on the road

Special offers

Mileage per order

Time spent on the road



Special offers

Total pay

Here's everything you need to know.

How BYPPOHeroes get paid

BYPPOHeroes can choose between two different payment options:

Get your balance sent directly to your bank account every Thursday.

Cash out whenever you want to your bank account—free for Chase Bank customers and $0.50 each for other bank customers. Or cash out directly to your debit card for $0.50 per transaction. 

Direct deposit

Instant Cash Out

A few important things to know

If you receive an offer that has multiple orders, we’ll calculate the estimated total time and mileage for all orders together.

If you receive an offer before completing your current delivery, we’ll calculate estimated time and mileage for the new offer starting from where you completed the current delivery.

Time and mileage estimates are set when you receive the offer.

Total daily pay for mileage, time, and any applicable promotions or bonuses will be shown as Delivery Pay at the top of your pay summary.

Image by Ian Schneider

Delivery Heroes

All you need is an iPhone or Android device to get started

Have more questions about getting paid with BYPPOHeroes?

Check out our support page.

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