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A Framework for Passion: Where Coffee Meets Art and Inclusivity

Welcome to an uplifting tale of creativity, ambition and a love for coffee.

Meet Danny Forester, a passionate coffee enthusiast who turned his culinary dreams into reality. Forester is the founder and co-owner of Framework Coffeehouse, where specialty coffee meets community, art and inclusivity.


Forester's journey began at the young age of 17 when he left Brooklyn to study culinary arts at OTC Mid Florida in Orlando. After experimenting with various culinary paths, he stumbled upon coffee and was captivated by its potential for creativity. Ironically, Forester said he did not truly enjoy coffee until his mid-20s when he tasted a pour-over of a "single origin Ethiopian coffee." He was soon captivated by the world of coffee and its versatility.

"Coffee is almost like wine, where it has different variables and different ways of brewing, roasting and sourcing," Forester said. "It's all different flavor profiles."
Framework's Coffee Equipment
Framework's Coffee Equipment

In August 2015, Forester took a bold step as a pop-up specialty coffee shop. He started simple, some pour-overs and cold brews made with local coffee. Armed with a table, a bed sheet, and a hand grinder, Forester's ambition knew no bounds.

Forester set up shop in tents, bars and, eventually, in his own camper. The camper, purchased in 2019, allowed Framework Coffeehouse to participate in major events, spreading its passion for specialty coffee far and wide. However, challenges arose when events were canceled due to the pandemic. The camper remained parked for two years as Forester and his staff continued to serve their specialty coffee.

Despite the setbacks, Forester's vision endured. Framework Coffeehouse found its permanent home on North Mills Ave in the heart of Orlando. The coffeehouse became a hub of creativity, hosting concerts, movie nights and comedy shows.

In addition, at Framework, everything is made in-house. For example, their lavender rose syrup is made from lavender petals that are boiled and turned into an extract. After, they add a hint of rose water and organic sugars. The menu is constantly changing; the seasonal flavors are never repeated. However, they actively make all their menu items vegan and gluten-free for everyone to enjoy.

Framework Coffeehouse is more than just a coffee shop; it is a community access point. Forester and his team are committed to inclusivity and supporting local vendors and artists. Every month, Framework does art gallery openings to allow artists to have their art on a wall of a high-traffic area". Also, everything in the shop, from plants to candle holders, is available for purchase and sourced from local vendors.

"I want Framework to be an art gallery," Forester said. "I want it to be a retail shop, event space, and a place where you can come and be with people and hang out."

They offer equal access to coffee, allowing patrons to pay what they can afford while providing a fixed pricing model for others. It is called #NOTAFLOF: No One Turned Away For Lack of Funds. They believe in uplifting members of the community.

Foresters's secret to remaining creative lies in his ambition and passion for excellence. He encourages his team to bring their ideas to the table, fostering a culture of creativity and inclusivity. Framework Coffeehouse continues to grow, offering specialty coffee and a space where everyone can feel at home.

As Framework Coffeehouse thrives, Forester envisions it becoming a lasting staple of Orlando's coffee scene. He aims to create a space that stands the test of time, where people can commune, appreciate art, and enjoy quality coffee for generations.

As the coffeehouse continues to evolve and grow, Forester's legacy of innovation and inclusivity will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on coffee enthusiasts and the Orlando community. So, join Forester and his team at Framework Coffeehouse, where coffee is not just a drink but an art to be savored and shared with all.


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