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BYPPO Boba Battle

Our BYPPO team went on a boba adventure in Gainesville to discover some local boba tea spots. For those from larger cities, Gainesville’s boba scene may not have the variety in comparison but it definitely makes up for it with its quali-tea! We visited and sampled four local boba spots: BC Boba Tea, Tea Moment, Teastori, and Tea Bestea. 

BC Boba Tea

This family owned and operated boba tea spot is located on 13th street north of UF’s campus. Along with classic fruit and milk teas, BC Boba also doubles as an ice cream cafe with a variety of flavors you can pair with your drinks!

The ambiance paired with the flavors of the tea resembles a feel of a classic boba tea place where you can vibe with your friends and family. Our team ordered the Matcha flavored boba tea with coconut milk and the Green Tea Peach, each of the team members rating them as a 4/5 and a 5/5 respectively. It was definitely a refreshing drink for our team members, and because you're able to get ice cream as well, it’s a great spot to satisfy two sweet cravings in one location.

Tea Moment

Located right on University Ave, Tea Moment is the closest boba spot for UF students. Tucked away behind Poke Bowl Station, Tea Moment almost feels like a hidden gem. While the shop seems small, there is still a good variety of tea options and even dessert and appetizers available!

Our team members tried the Blue Sky Milk Tea and the Peach Green Tea, rating them 5/5 and 4/5 respectively. Both drinks were very refreshing and we found that Tea Moment is a great option for anyone who wants reasonably priced and delicious boba! Seeing as it’s located right off of UF’s campus, it also makes for a great spot to treat yourself between classes.


Formerly known as Lollicup, Teastori is a local favorite here in Gainesville! Teastori has an extensive drink menu serving a combination of authentic teas from Taiwan along with modern twists with slushies and snow drinks. Moreover, they offer premium desserts like mochi ice cream and French macarons. The store itself switches up its decor and menu seasonally so we got to enjoy their summer theme!

Our team ordered the Vietnamese Iced Coffee Milk Tea with Boba and the Strawberry Fields Tea with Lychee Jelly, rating them 5/5 and 3.5/5 respectively. The Vietnamese Iced Coffee Milk Tea had a nice kick to it and we definitely recommend it for you’re looking for boba and a caffeine boost all in one. The Strawberry Fields Tea was delicious, but we found it didn’t particularly stand out - it seemed like a good alternative for those looking for something sweet over a strong tea flavor!

Tea Bestea

Our last stop, Tea Bestea, was conveniently located in the plaza across the street from Teastori! Having opened in 2019, Tea Bestea is a fairly new addition to the Gainesville boba scene but it brings its own unique charms with a beautiful space perfect for lounging around with friends while enjoying a delicious tea. Moreover, out of all the boba spots, Tea Bestea had the largest food menu alongside their drinks. They offer ramen, poke bowls, and a variety of appetizers to enjoy along with your boba tea!

Our team tried the Strawberry Rose Tea, rating it a 4.5/5 overall. One interesting thing about Tea Bestea is certain signature drinks come with a preselected add-in - for instance the Strawberry Rose Tea comes with lychee jelly, but of course you can customize to your liking as well. The overall presentation and taste of the drink was great, perfect for those looking for a sweet treat.

Ultimately, we found that you can’t really go wrong with boba in Gainesville. One of the best things about getting boba is being able to enjoy it with friends - so whether you’re going in for a study session or a quick boba run, Gainesville boba is worth a try!


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