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Cintron Floribbean Cuisine: Cauliflower Wings and Grilled Street Avocado dish

Atmosphere: Cintron's Outdoor Seating

Cintron's outdoor seating makes you feel like you're sitting in nature and relaxes you like a good meditation. You could breathe in the hint of herbs mixed with fresh air and hear the gentle running water from the fountain. The rich green color of the menu, the umbrellas, and the storefront emphasize the zen of Cintron.

Cintron Floribbean Cuisine Front Door Sign

I had the pleasure of visiting Cintron on a cool Florida day of 60 degrees. The sunlight accompanied me during my meal and the freshness of the air enhanced every bit of luxuriance in the foods' flavors.

Atmosphere Rating: 4.5/5

The Service

All of the servers wore a white dress shirt that made the place feel extra fancy. Our server greeted us right away. When I asked for suggestions, our server responded knowledgeably, answering all of the questions I threw with ease. Our server was prompt in delivering our dishes, bringing out the check (when we asked), and responding to our requests.

Service Rating: 5/5

Cintron's Menu

The Cintron menu is sleek and modern with a rich, earthy color scheme. There are a great variety of options on the menu, but not so much so that it overwhelms you.

For my visit, I ordered two appetizers, the Cauliflower Wings and the Grilled Street "Corn" Avocado. The most significant appetizer from Cintron and perhaps the most memorable appetizer I've had in a long while is the Cauliflower Wings.

Cintron's Menu Item: Grilled Avocado Street Corn and Cauliflower Wings

The Cauliflower Wings

The Cauliflower wings are breaded Cauliflower florets coated in Tamarind-soy glaze, pickled jalapenos, and toasted Ajonjoli (sesame seeds).

Cintron's Menu Items: Cauliflower Wings Coated with Sesame, Jalapeños and Fried Batter

The "wings" have a kick and texture akin to authentic buffalo wings. Crispy layers of the floret crumbled effortlessly as I bit through the coating. Once you break through the fried layer of the "wing", you'll discover the warm, tender floret in the center.

Dish Rating: 4.5/5

The Grilled Street "Corn" Avocado

For my second appetizer, I tried the Grilled Street "Corn" Avocado, a plentiful dish with a bunch of healthy ingredients.

Cintron's Menu Item: Grilled Street "Corn" Avocado Glowing Wondrously Under the Sunlight

Although more mild compared to the Cauliflower wings, the Grilled Street Avocado was still impactful on the tongue. The jalapeno blended well with corn salsa to produce a chipotle flavor that takes your taste buds on a fun ride.

Dish Rating: 3.75/5

Prices and Value

The price for both the Cauliflower Wings and the Grilled Street "Corn" Avocado is $6, which is a fair price for the value of the food. The dishes did not come with a lot of food, but it is enough to satisfy a grown man with two appetizers.

Cintron's Menu Items: Cauliflower Wings and Grilled Street Avocado

Your typical dish of wings at Buffalo Wild Wings is usually $10 for 10 pieces. The Cauliflower wings came with 6 pieces. If we equate one wing as one dollar, the Cauliflower wings are practically the same price as a usual non-vegan wings dish; a worthy price tag for a worthy dish!

Closing: Floribbean

Cintron well deserves their title of "Floribbean." The exotic zest of each of the dishes will entertain you with impactful flavors and the beautiful outdoor dining area will balance that excitement with its serenity. With its interesting, flavors of Floribbean cuisine, Cintron gets a overall BYPPO rating of 4/5.


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