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Do Good: Try Doxa Coffee Co.

Located in Alachua county just off I-75, across the street from Mi Apa, Doxa Coffee Co. is a spot that you might not notice if you happened to be driving by. If, however, you’re someone that truly appreciates the coffee experience, you don’t want to miss them. This mom-and-pop establishment serves their customers with top-notch service, one of the best cups of joe you can get your hands on in Gainesville and Alachua.

During Byppo’s recent interview and sampling of their drinks with the owners, we quickly realized that Doxa Coffee is not just a business that pushes for quality and excellence, but has a clear mission of supporting the community. Since Doxa was a vision that was achieved through local crowd-funding, the owners want to return the favor and give back to their community. One of the ways they’ve expressed their gratitude has been by sourcing as many of their ingredients as locally as possible. To name a few vendors, Doxa’s coffee beans are roasted by Bandit Co. in Tampa, and their dairy comes from Wainwright Farms, a small family operation that works with local dairy farmers. For certain items on their food menu, they also purchase bread from Uppercrust Productions in Gainesville.

The interior of Doxa Coffee is stylish and modern, with the neutral color palette and aesthetic décor creating a charming, yet relaxed atmosphere. Complemented by its spacious environment, this is an excellent location to visit if you need to study or just get some work done. You’re also unlikely to miss the trippy mural of text on the far-left wall. When I stared at it for a few moments, I could have sworn the wall was breathing!

Doxa Coffee Mural

For the purposes of accurately determining the quality of Doxa’s coffee, I ordered a cup of their daily batch brew, plain, without any sweeteners or additives. Now when it comes to drinking your coffee black, it goes without saying that bad or cheap coffee can taste even worse without any dairy and sugar to compensate. Fortunately, I’m pleased to say that the coffee I was served didn’t disappoint. Served in a sleek and polished black cup, I got a light-roast coffee that had some subtle fruity notes with a taste that got gradually sweeter as it cooled down. The drink was well-balanced; not too bitter and not too sour, and had a flavor complex enough to enjoy drinking black.

Doxa Coffee Co. Leaf Design on coffee drink

However, if you’re a coffee purist or you’re simply looking for an extra depth of flavor in your coffee, I would recommend that you try a cup of their pour-over instead. For those that are unfamiliar with the terminology, pour-over coffee is different from batch brewed coffee in that instead of preparing bulk coffee with the assistance of a machine, a single cup is made by coffee grounds being manually soaked with a kettle by a barista. With the pour-over method offering complete control and greater precision to the brewing process, an educated and practiced barista is able to produce a quality of coffee that is unattainable by modern drip machines. If you don’t mind a slight price upcharge, I recommend opting for the pour-over method of brewing, as I have no doubt the talented staff at Doxa will present you with a perfect cup of coffee.

Pour-Over Coffee from Doxa Coffee

Among their core menu of coffee classics and teas, Doxa also has a rotating seasonal menu composed of creatively-designed and inspired drinks relevant to each season of the year. I found this to be one of the most commendable aspects of their business because the ingredients in these drinks, such as the peppermint and cranberry syrups they included in their Winter seasonal menu, maintained Doxa’s ideals of being either locally sourced, or made in-house.

Our team over at Byppo has nothing but admiration for a business with the values and ethics of Doxa Coffee Co. If you appreciate a company that has a genuine passion for its craft and an unquestionable sense of loyalty to their community, then I highly recommend you make the visit to this establishment out in Alachua. Doxa Coffee Co. is planning to add more food and lunch menu items to the menu, so be sure to be on the lookout for some new additions to their coffee and drinks! Whether it’s the conversation you’ll have with one of their friendly baristas, or enjoying one of their expertly crafted drinks, you’ll find that Doxa Coffee Co. is an enjoyable and wholesome experience from start to finish.


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