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Foodie Plans for the Fourth of July

Every year on July 4th, friends and families come together to celebrate America’s independence. Luckily, this year this national holiday is on a Sunday and is being observed on Monday - so there’s two potential days of celebration and feasting! If you’re in Gainesville and haven’t made plans, don’t worry: there’s still time to grab some friends and plan a cookout or find a restaurant to dine at before the fireworks start.

Fourth Foods

July 4th is all about celebrating the great USA - so naturally, the holiday’s most popular food choices include burgers, fries, and beer (duh). If you’re looking for some all-american spots to grab food on the fourth, consider some of our local favorites like Keller’s Kitchen or Dave’s New York Deli!

At Keller’s Kitchen, you’ll find Fourth of July staples like juicy burgers and fries. One favorite is their Steak Sammie which features Prime Rib cooked to perfection with some sautéed onions and melted Muenster cheese on a toasted bun. Located at Midpoint Park in downtown, Keller’s Kitchen is the perfect place to grab a bite and hang out in the sun!

Alternatively, Dave’s New York Deli is the perfect spot to grab a quick bite before starting your Fourth of July festivities! Come in for lunch and grab anything from hot dogs to burgers to subs. With such a classic menu, there will surely be something for everyone in the family at Dave’s.

Or maybe you’re looking for something a little less traditional for the Fourth? Try switching things up a bit and exploring the different cultural cuisines that make America so diverse and unique! Celebrate with some delicious tacos from Cilantro Tacos or Sublime Tacos, or maybe shake things up and go for some sushi at Volcanic Sushi & Sake. Wherever you end up going, the Fourth of July is meant to be a time to connect with family and friends - so use the opportunity to get some good food!

Fun on the Fourth

While the food is one of our favorite Fourth of July traditions, there’s still plenty of festivities to enjoy and explore while in Gainesville. Some traditional Fourth activities include barbecuing, going to the beach or springs, lighting fireworks, and just spending some quality time outdoors!

If you’re looking to enjoy a good beer under the stars, consider checking out First Magnitude Brewing Company! First Magnitude has a selection of unique year-round beers like their bright and crisp Vega blond ale or their Wakulla which is more of a hazy beer. They’ll be open on the Fourth and will even have Stubbies Sausages, a local food truck serving up German sausages, in their beer garden!

Another Gainesville favorite for the Fourth are the nearby springs! Consider packing a cooler and taking a trip to Blue Springs, Ginnie Springs, or Ichetucknee River. These parks are great places to cool down and set up a cookout with friends and family. All of these parks have grills and picnic tables available so you can bring your own food and have a barbecue!

Looking for a more relaxed Fourth of July? Try picnicking at a local park like Depot Park or Loblolly Nature Park! Make your own sandwiches or grab some from Dave’s NY Deli and set down a blanket for a more relaxed day. For an even easier activity, Paynes Prairie is a popular spot to just park and enjoy a lovely sunset with snacks!

From burgers to fireworks, the Fourth of July is a day of endless possibilities! Whether you decide to go for a traditional Fourth or an unconventional one, we hope you get the chance to enjoy some good company and even better food!


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