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From Hawaii to Florida: The Journey of Chef Devin Palomares and the Evolution of Volcanic Sushi+Sake

Devin Palomares, born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii is the mind behind the bold flavors of Volcanic Sushi + Sake. From a young age, Devin has been exploring his way around the kitchen. Helping his parents, who owned a food truck in Hawaii, he started cutting meats at the age of 12, and finally got into the kitchen and started cooking at the age of 14. Devin found his spark in cooking, and after growing up in Hawaii, he and his family moved to California and then to Miami, Florida where they owned a Thai restaurant for 10 years.

After these ten years of owning a restaurant, Devin went on to work for other restaurants, which helped him learn hard work ethics, bold flavor profiles, and passion for cooking. In 2015, Devin came to Gainesville, FL, and started working as a chef at Volcanic Sushi + Sake. Nestor Espartero, the owner of Volcanic Sushi + Sake, took him under his wing, and together they have grown a great restaurant that expresses freestyle sushi with an artistic and colorful feel.

Nestor and Devin have made Volcanic Sushi + Sake a place where their chefs can express their different talents and bring the best of the best to the table. With an amazing menu carrying dishes like their signature Basil Duck that is served with bell peppers, onions, scallions, and basil with a brown sauce and rice, their Lobster and Shrimp Curry, their Melissa Bites, and Mark II roll, they have something for everyone in your group.

Volcanic Sushi + Sake has quickly become one of the best sushi spots in town, and their loyal customer base continues to grow. What sets Volcanic Sushi + Sake apart is their commitment to using fresh and high-quality ingredients in all their dishes. All of their sushi is made with fresh, never frozen fish, and all their other ingredients are locally sourced, which means that they are of the highest quality.

Apart from their excellent food, Volcanic Sushi + Sake's atmosphere is one to die for. The restaurant has an open-concept, which allows customers to see the chefs in action as they prepare their dishes. The decor is warm and inviting, with modern Japanese accents, that sets the mood for a wonderful dining experience. Whether it is a date with a loved one or a friend, or a birthday dinner to celebrate a big occasion, Volcanic Sushi + Sake has a welcoming atmosphere with delicious food.

Everything is special at Volcanic Sushi + Sake, from their mouth-watering dishes to their welcoming and beautiful restaurant, and the mind-blowing specials offered at both locations. Keep supporting local restaurant foodies, whether they are on BYPPO or not, let's continue to grow our food community here in town and show our appreciation and love for food.

If you haven't already, be sure to download the BYPPO App and check in to your favorite restaurants to get $5 off towards your next meal. At Volcanic Sushi + Sake, you won't regret it.


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