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From Madrid to Miami: San Ginés' Historic Journey

San Ginés, a cafe with roots tracing back to 1894 in Madrid, is a beloved establishment renowned for its iconic churros and rich chocolate. However, its new location in Miami holds a special place in the San Ginés story, as it's the first one the family owns outside of Spain. They have ambitious plans to share the beauty of Spanish culinary tradition, which includes an upcoming project in Austin, Texas.

Their thinly sliced salmon on an everything bagel slathered in fluffy cream cheese
Thinly sliced salmon on an everything bagel slathered in fluffy cream cheese

At San Ginés Miami, the legacy of churros and chocolate is proudly upheld. While this duo remains the star of the menu, they also offer some items you can only find on the Miami menu. They have a range of fresh croissants, pastries, sandwiches and breakfast items that embrace the local food scene. For example, by their Spanish tortilla and croquetas. Understanding the expectations of tourists visiting Miami, they've even introduced a

classic Cuban sandwich.

Girl eating sandwich from San Ginés
Nothing like a fresh lunch with a sweet treat at the end

Since opening, the menu has been fine-tuned based on what works best for the Miami clientele. Trial and error have been embraced to give customers a memorable dining experience. While the offerings may evolve, the commitment to excellence remains.

The churro recipe has remained the same for over a century, delivering an authentic taste of Madrid to Miami. The chocolate is imported directly from Spain and served in a teacup perfect for dipping. Each order of churros is made on the spot, ensuring their freshness and warmth. A rich tradition, the walls in San Ginés are always adorned with pictures of the countless individuals who have passed through the doors, each leaving with a memorable experience.

In conclusion, San Ginés Miami brings the heart and soul of Madrid's churros tradition to the enchanting city of Miami. With a commitment to quality, authenticity, and innovation, the establishment looks forward to serving patrons for years to come. Join in on this flavorful journey as they blend Spanish heritage with the magic of Miami.


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