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Mr. and Mrs. Crab: Introducing Szechuan-Cajun Seafood to Gainesville

Founded in 2016, Mr. and Mrs. Crab has come a long way from the traditional seafood hub of New Orleans to the city of Gainesville, Florida. Located in Butler Plaza, local Gainesville seafood lovers have been introduced to the unique, new fusion of Szechuan-Cajun seafood by one of the newest seafood boil restaurants in town: Mr. and Mrs. Crab.

Mr. and Mrs. Crab is more than just the name of the restaurant. While getting to know more about Mr. and Mrs. Crab from their Operations Manager, Tom Kuo, I was able to learn about the heartwarming story behind the name itself.

Mr. and Mrs. Crab Seafood Boil with Crab-A-Rita drinks and House Wine

Mr. and Mrs. Crab was founded by a lovely couple after their trip to New Orleans. With intentions to explore a beautiful city full of culture and tradition, the founders, who Tom referred to as the Mr. and Mrs. Crab themselves, were so in awe and inspired by the traditional seafood boils of Louisiana that they wanted to share this cuisine and experience with those around them. Thus, Mr. and Mrs. Crab was born!

With an experienced background in the restaurant industry and traditional Szechuan cooking, the founders brought the Louisiana concept back to Florida with their own Asian flavor and twist.

Victoria, founder and CEO of Byppo, with Mr. and Mrs. Crab's Seafood Boil

Ever since joining the team in April of 2019, Tom has overseen the growth of Mr. and Mrs. Crab from 2 to 14 locations, one based in Gulfport, Mississippi. Mr. and Mrs. Crab has 13 locations in Florida, including the one in Gainesville. Opening in June of 2020, the new Gainesville location has definitely had its fair share of challenges as it opened in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the hardships that many restaurants and local businesses have had to face in this last year, I was glad to hear from Tom that Mr. and Mrs. Crab has not only been able to survive, but to thrive during the pandemic.

“This is because of our unwavering philosophy: to treat our patrons the same way we treat our loved ones.”

Tom tells me that from the moment someone walks into the front door to the last drop of Mr. and Mrs. Crab sauce on their plate, they truly will receive a one-of-a-kind experience. Unlike the seafood boils found in New Orleans, where typically, one large batch is made with the same seasoning and spice level, Mr. and Mrs. Crab provides a more individualized experience for their customers.

“Every single person can choose which seafood they enjoy, pair it with their preferred seasoning, and decide on their own spice level.”

This is much more customizable compared to the traditional Louisiana boil, Tom tells me. With hungry college Gators eager to try a new cuisine, explore new dining experiences, and learn more about cultures from across the country and the world, it’s no surprise that Mr. and Mrs. Crab has been doing so well in Gainesville. According to Tom, they have also received a lot of support from the local Gainesville community since opening, and the strong start they had is what sets the foundation for a successful future in our city.

Mr. and Mrs. Crab's Popular Oyster appetizer, pictured with their mac and cheese and clam chowder sides

With the indigenous Blue Crab served fresh from our Florida waters, you’ll enjoy fresh seafood and unique flavors, all while being served as one of Mr. and Mrs. Crabs’ very own family members! If you’re craving some fresh, new twist on the traditional, delicious Louisiana seafood boil, be sure to check out the new Mr. and Mrs. Crab location in our very own swamp.


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