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Satch Squared Vegan Pizza Review

Introducing Satch Squared

From the makers of Satchel's Pizza, Gainesville's beloved pizza shop/art gallery/greenhouse/toy store,

Introducing Satch Squared!

Store front of Satch Squared Pizza Gainesville

Satch Squared is an Instagram crop of Satchel's pizza that incorporates a clever math notation into Satchel's famous Chicago-style pizza and makes them all squarish.

Satch Squared is located at the 4th Avenue food park, next to Opus Coffee and other great Gainesville restaurants.

Inside the shop, you'll find some Satch Squared merch and Satchel's famous home-brewed sodas. P.S. I recommend the ginger ale. Highly addictive.

Satch Squared Vegan Pizza

Vegan Pizza from Satch Squared Gainesville

We ordered a pizza with vegan cheese and barbeque tempeh from the Satch Squared Menu. I don't usually eat vegan dishes with substitute dairy or meat because I dislike the obvious taste of impossible meat and other substitutes, but this vegan pizza tasted as if it was made out of the world's freshest milk and meat. For our extra toppings, we added spinach for the greens, pineapples for sweetness, mushrooms for the umami, and garlic for the vampires.

Gainesville Satch Squared Vegan Pizza

Biting through this pizza was like biting through a cake with a crispy caramelized coating. The vegan cheese on the top was toasted a bit on the darker side, which added mild smokey flavors. The barbeque tempeh had a distinct honey barbeque taste that wasn't too sweet. All the other toppings we ordered went perfectly with the mixture, noticeable but not overwhelming.

Before our pizza arrived, the server gave us a dish of deep-fried waffles with a side of syrup. The waffles were incredibly sweet even without the syrup, but a few bites into our vegan pizza cleansed the sweetness almost immediately.

Satchel's and Satch Squared

Satch Squared Menu of Pizza Toppings

Satchel's has always been my guilty pleasure. Typically, a feast at Satchel's is reserved for my super cheat days since their pizzas are so enormous. But Satch Squared slices up the huge round pizza into square pieces that are much easier to consume.

If you're not ready to commit to the gigantic Chicago deep-dish at Satchel's, go for the smaller Detroit Pizza squares at Satch Squared.


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