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Savoring the Fusion: Osphere's Thai-Inspired American Cuisine

Since its grand opening in 2020, Osphere Neighborhood Grill and Bar in downtown Orlando has enchanted food enthusiasts and locals alike. The creators of Osphere, Oudom Ketsatha and his two brothers, offer an elevated take on American cuisine with a delightful touch of their family's Thai heritage.

Oudom Ketsatha, co-owner of Osphere
Oudom Ketsatha, co-owner

Drawing from a family history of managing Thai restaurants in Orlando, Ketsatha followed in his family's footsteps.

"I fell in love with the people, the cooking, and serving customers good food, Katsatha said."

However, after years of managing different Thai restaurants, Ketsatha decided to enter the captivating world of American cuisine.

NY strip steak with a red wine demi-glaze over potatoes and asparagus
Their classic NY strip with a red wine demi-glaze served over potatoes and asparagus

Ketsatha noticed the way American food appealed to a wide variety of people. Classics, such as their mushroom alfredo pasta and NY strip adorned with a red wine demi-glaze, are just a few of their customers' favorites.

While the Ketsatha family wholeheartedly embraced American cuisine, they remain committed to honoring their cultural roots by incorporating a variety of Asian cuisine.

One of Ketsatha's personal favorites is Osphere's seared tuna roll with spicy tuna, cucumber, and tempura flakes, crowned with seared tuna and daikon ponzu sauce.



One of their talented sushi chefs searing the top of a sushi roll
One of their talented sushi chefs searing the top of a roll

Osphere is constantly pushing the culinary envelope. Their talented sushi chefs are currently expanding the menu to include some new, one of a kind favorites.

Through extensive research and lots of tasting, the team crafts recipes that exemplify the family's dedication to delivering exceptional dining experiences. According to Ketsatha, an integral aspect of their success lies in treating their staff like family and maintaining a supportive environment.

While their passion and resilience have driven their success, Osphere faced formidable challenges when the restaurant opened just a month before the pandemic. The Ketsatha family credits their fortunate location for helping them endure the challenging time. With Lake Eola in their backyard, people strolled around the area during the shutdown, purchasing takeout and providing a lifeline for Osphere. Gratitude fills the team's hearts as they recognize their Orlando customers' unwavering support during those difficult times.

Osphere's blend of Asian and American cuisine has given rise to a unique dining destination that reflects the evolving flavors of Orlando. So, the next time you find yourself in Orlando, make sure to visit Osphere Neighborhood Grill and Bar!


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