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The Leaning Pig: The Big Pig


The Leaning Pig sandwiches are mini universes bundled into one biodegradable food container. They're chaotic awesome and if you're not careful, they'll suck you in their mini black hole filled with honey-glazed bacon and fried chicken skin.

Fried Chicken Skin inside The Big Pig Sandwich at the Leaning Pig

First Impressions

Before we dive into what I ordered, I'd like to give some credit to whoever came up with the restaurant name. The bizarre imagery of a "leaning pig" makes me think of an adorable pig pushed by a delinquent pig-tipper.

Upon walking through the little red door into The Leaning Pig restaurant, I was greeted by a friendly and amiable cashier standing behind the counter. Everyone in the store wore a mask, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment. A few tables and stools placed by the brick wall added a comfortable ambience that would be perfect for a quick lunch date.

I had the pleasure of trying out one of their most popular dish: The Big Pig.

The bacon inside the Big Pig

The Big Pig

The Big Pig perfectly embodies its name. This tall triple layered sandwich exercised my jaw and stretched it skyward (sure, I could have split up the sandwich into two parts for more accessible eating, but that would be a disgrace to sandwiches).

Food Size: XL

The Aesthetic

When I first opened the sandwich container, I was surprised by the absolute chaos of the contents inside. I thought I ordered a sandwich! Not a conglomeration of bacon and non-bacon foods! The sandwich will cover most or all of your palm facing up. The colors were vibrant and the bacon reflected the sunlight with the amount of grease covering it.

Aesthetic Rating: 7/10

Ham, Veggies, Bacon, and fried chicken skin inside the big pig sandwich

The First Bite

Crunch, pop, and snap, lived in every bite. The crunch of the caramelized bacon and crispy hog jowl blended with the softness of the pimento cheese, tomato, and arugula to achieve a balanced overall texture of chewiness and crustiness. The sweetness of the meat became especially noticeable when chewed thoroughly. Once the bacon crumbled, honey and sea salt flavors accentuated the punch of the sandwich.

The Duke's mayo contrasted well with the sugar-heavy honey-glazed bacon and introduced another layer of dairy richness.

The arugula was as fresh as highland air and the cheese provided a touch of bitterness to balance the bite.

The bread however, held a harder texture that did not complement the sandwich as much as a softer bread option would.

To say the sandwich was greasy would be putting it mildly. The meat content of The Big Pig relied on the greasy crunches to define its flavor.

The First Bite: 9/10

The big pig sandwich and the avocado sando

The Latter Bites

The first bite revealed all of the intricate flavors and textures in a grandeur. Some dishes, you enjoy more and more as you go, but for The Big Pig, the flavor becomes exhausting after multiple bites. The heavy sugar and salt content paired with grease and fat can fill most people up really quickly.

Personally, I loved the first bite. It was one a wonderful guilty pleasure I would indulge in again. However, after the fourth bite, the grease went to my head and made me second guess the sandwich in hand.

The Latter Bites: 5/10

Closing Thoughts

A family friendly restaurant! The Leaning Pig will get you drunk on bacon. P.S. make sure to avoid other high-sugar, high-fat for the day because the Leaning Pig has got you covered for the day.


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