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The Paper Bag Deli : “Changing Lives 1 Sandwich at a Time”

Coming up with crazy flavors that will blow your sandwich game away.

Richard Streck owner, operator, and executive chef of The Paper bag deli came to Gainesville Florida without a plan in his mind. Woke up one day and set himself up to open a Deli, and now he’s part of the Gainesville food community!

From a young age, he got involved in the culinary business, which influenced him to go to culinary school in St. Louis Missouri. Always having a big interest in the food community, Richard has owned his own catering business, ran corporate places, as well as ran wineries back home.

Richard decided to come down to Gainesville with his wife and kids and created The Paper Bag Deli. A place that brings the Gainesville community together and makes sure its customers get the best product with the best attitude. Their mindset is to make the customers 5-10 min that they spend in the store the best 5-10 min of their day. Not knowing what their customers are going through, Richard's mission is to try to make that time memorable. “Let’s make their sandwiches and blow their minds and hopefully they leave the deli shop happier than how they got here!” (Richard)

A little peek of the sandwich making process.

The Paper Bag Deli is not your typical turkey club, ham, and cheese sandwich deli.

They bring bold flavors and bold ingredients to the Gainesville food community. With their most popular “The Cuban” and the chef's favorite “The #7”, this place packs flavor and quality into a sandwich. Creating his menu in 2 nights, Richards incorporates experiences and loved ones into every sandwich on the menu. Having inspiration from his wife and kids, these sandwiches are not your boring usuals! From their Boar's Head deli meats, their homemade pork, bacon, and chicken, and their handmade sauces The Paper Bag Deli is just heading for success.

This upcoming 2023 new menu items and specials are coming, and catering will be coming up as well. So stop by The Paper Bag deli for one of the best sandwiches in the Gainesville area. And don’t forget the #7 (A turkey pastrami sandwich on a pretzel bun) yes you read it correctly a pretzel bun. Coming soon, they will be available on our Byppo app for check-in. Get excited to try out the delicious sandwiches from one of our very own Gainesville locals.


Check us out on our BYPPO APP and support local businesses here in Gainesville, FL.

Written by: Adriana Rosales, BYPPO Marketing Team

Student at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communication


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