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The Up-and-Coming Buzz: B'z Gelati

Handling the Summer Heat

Gainesville summers are like nothing you’ve experienced before. If you don’t know what I’m talking about - the wall of humidity awaiting you outside every door frame or the sidewalks hot enough to sizzle an egg - you can consider yourself lucky. But if you are familiar with the mid-summer heat in Gainesville, you know there’s one thing that is a quick and delicious fix: icecream.

And I’m not talking about any ice cream in any old shop. I’m talking about Gelati, the perfect combination of Italian ice or Cream Ice with ice cream, delicately layered on top of one another. This mouth-watering, refreshing treat was brought to Gainesville by University of Florida graduate, Brandon Grabhorn, and has been taking over the sweet treat industry since. The result: B’z Gelati, a food truck and catering company.

Byppo's Victoria Liu with B'z Gelati owner and founder, Brandon Grabhorn

All Year Gelati Season

One of B'z Gelati's many tasty treats!

Floridians know how hot the summer can be, and so does B’z Gelati. With a mission to spread love and kindness through every cup of Gelati served, this small business is the perfect place to satisfy mid-day, late-night, or any cravings in between. Made from only the best natural ingredients, including real fruit, natural dairy, organic honey, and fine vanilla bean, B’z Gelati offers a dynamic food experience that will keep you coming back for more.

To deliver a unique and memorable experience, B’z Gelati carefully crafts their Gelati creations to your order. On the menu, there are 8 year-round Italian ice flavors, including: blue raspberry, cherry, cotton candy, green apple, lemon, mango, and strawberry. There are also 2 year-round flavors of icecream, chocolate and vanilla, that are paired with the Italian ice and Cream ice flavors to make a flavor-explosive combination. B’z Gelati also offers fun seasonal flavors, such as summer's most popular flavor, Piña Colada, and winter’s Candy Cane.

With options that are dairy free, gluten free, and vegan-friendly, B’z Gelati literally has something for everyone - and is excited to serve you a one-of-a-kind experience.

Got It From My Momma

Brandon Grabhorn started B’z Gelati in 2019 based on his passion for the sweet dessert. As a University of Florida student, and avid Gelati fan, he recognized the lack of his favorite sweet in the Gainesville area. With the desire to start his own business after graduation, Brandon started B’z Gelati in 2019, just a year after finishing his Business degree, to share his love and passion for the dessert.

“It’s more about making customers happy, satisfied, and to share the love of Gelati” - Brandon Grabhorn, Owner

The ice cream and gelati is so good here, even the owners and workers admit to only eating their product. But the business didn’t start without some guidance from who knows and dad. Brandon’s parents, hardworking and wise, have been a huge part of building this small business and serving as a friendly-face to customers.

Where Can I Find B’z?

On packed and hot University of Florida football game days, you can find B’z Gelati food truck parked on University Avenue, refreshing the crowds of fans. Their everyday location changes throughout the year, but is most recently located at Oaks Mall, and can always be checked on the company’s website. Be sure to head out there, or order through Byppo, to start your Gelati experience like no other!


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