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Vibez Juice Bar

‘Love to help people with wonderful juices’

Dorthy and Lee are the owners of Vibez Juice Bar here in Gainesville, FL. Both studied Family Youth and Community Sciences here at the University of Florida. But more importantly, they are both passionate about providing healthy nutritional options for those in the community looking to live a healthier lifestyle.

The idea of Vibez came to Dorthy quite naturally. Every time she was done with her workout at Crunch Fitness, she always wanted a smoothie, but the choices for her were not nearby physically. When a few places became vacant in the Crunch Fitness shopping center, she went home and thought about opening up her very own juice bar she had always wanted.

Vibez is the place to go when you want to feel better, heal, and be healthier. The basis of Vibez is from a book called “Fighting Disease with Food,'' which is what Dorthy and Lee want to do. With their delicious and incredible juice blends, they want to help the people of Gainesville feel better. Dorthy's main objective is “helping people by mixing different fruits and nutrients to make them better.”

The love of nutrition that Dorthy and Lee have has made it possible for many Gainesville residents to come and find a home in Vibez Juice Bar due to the incredible service and their yummy smoothies, Açai bowls, and juices.

Vibez is filled with a great atmosphere - a place where students can come and do study, friends play board games, family to come just relax and have fun while enjoying food. You have to try the Optimistic Orange, Açai Bowl, Green Growth Juice, and LemonGrass Tea, as being top fan favorites when you visit. This 2023, they will be having a menu revamp, such as adding soups, salads, flatbread, paninis, and bagels. Support one of Gainesville's local restaurants and enjoy it yourself.

Helping people one juice at a time.

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Written by: Adriana Rosales, BYPPO Marketing Team

Student at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communication


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