BYPPO Updates Board

Going National: BYPPO Expands into Texas!

November 11, 2020

We are proud to announce today that BYPPO is officially national with a restaurant partnership in Texas.

Now hiring Front End Web Dev Interns!

August 5, 2020

We are looking for 1-2 interns who want to develop an app that will be used by thousands of unique users in FL!

We are well established in Gainesville with partnerships with over 25 local restaurants like Satchel’s, Ember’s, Maplestreet Biscuit, and Peach Valley Cafe.

If you're interested please fill out the google form

Byppo Delivery Beta!

July 31, 2020

One Job Done Perfectly.

Your restaurant will have one duty: to deliver food from your restaurant to the customer’s homes. Your own delivery person will not deliver for another restaurant on that same day to avoid COVID-19 exposure.

A Fraction of the Competitor’s Price.

Doordash, Grubhub, and Ubereats all charge 30% commission per order. With Byppo Delivery, pay 0% commission.

Make Extra Cash

Come on now. This is a no brainer! Make money from delivery charges that normally other delivery companies would collect.

Minimize Physical Contact and Contamination

Control who handles food leaving your restaurant by knowing who your delivery person is. In addition, Byppo’s platform notifies the customer once their food has arrived at their door, minimizing contact.

We’ll Recommend you Delivery Drivers (if you need)

Don’t have a driver available at your store? Byppo is here to help*. We can help recommend delivery drivers who are interested in delivering for you.

*Byppo may help connect you with potential delivery drivers, but we do not conduct background checks on the restaurant’s behalf. Details such as employment, pay, and schedule must be worked out between your restaurant and the driver.  

Dev Updates

November 30, 2020


- Bugfix on Vendor order search

November 5, 2020


- Updated versioning numbers to reflect date release to dev
- Added new vendor agreement, 11/02/2020
- Fixed bug with delivery math when the order is a preorder

November 2, 2020


- Added Byppo Delivery Fee and Assigned Delivery Driver to Vendors
- Added logic on checkout to route tip and delivery fee to Byppo if vendor
     percentage fee is set to 20
- Added logic on cart to use Byppo delivery fee when vendor percentage fee is
     set to 20
- Added inputs for Byppo delivery fee and assigned delivery driver to superuser
- Added logic to vendor portal on delivery fee input in store settings to tell
     them Byppo is handling the delivery fee

November 3, 2020


- Added assigned delivery driver to order objects and logic for adding Byppo
     delivery driver to delivery orders that Byppo is handling
- Added Byppo delivery driver name to customer track order screen
- Updated adjusted tax logic on order-report screen and summary report to be:
       items left in order added together * tax


- Bugfix on autoOpenClose lambda
- Bugfix with refunding combination of products and variants

October 2, 2020


- Added yummyfindsvictoria custom link and cleaned up autoOpenClose logic
-Added timezone to all dates shown in the application
-Updated timezone logic as follows:
   * All times are converted to the user's browser's timezone
   * All timezones used in backend functions (autoOpenClose,
      preOrderCheck) convert the times to the vendor's timezone
-Various UI bugfixes and size changes related to showing times    v1.10.2    - Added support for tax and timezone per vendor

September 21, 2020


- Updated vendor order refund screen logic to refund all variants and modifiers
     if a product is being refunded

- BUGFIX: update product schema to allow for product creation
- BUGFIX: order total not showing up if set to 0 on vendor dashboard
- Added aggregate order volume
- Updated vendor reporting page to show aggregate order volume
   - Fixed UI bug on Safari on reporting page
   - Fixed bug where total orders would keep spinning on vendor dashboard page

September 18, 2020


BUGFIX: update product schema to allow for product creation

September 13, 2020


- Added "Pre-Order Time Requested" to customer track order screen if the order
     was a preorder
- Fixed bug with preorder time not showing on vendor portal orders page

- BUGFIX: Allow for stripe callback during vendor signup
- Created a new page for completing the stripe signup when redirected
     back to Byppo

September 10, 2020


- BUGFIX: Allow for stripe callback

- Created a new page for completing the stripe signup when redirected back to Byppo

September 6, 2020


- Added Aggregate Order Count and Aggregate Product Data to increase speed of
   loading vendor dashboard

- Setup data pipelines to update aggregate tables real time
- Refactored vendor reporting page to only load last 7 days of orders to
   increase speed
- Implemented new search feature on vendor reporting page to search through all
- Added spinners to various components during loading of data
- Improved query performance in many places in vendor portal

August 5, 2020


- Increased max depth on graphql codegen
- Updated API Service to use custom queries
- Removed bug from checkout that would close the store based on old data
- Added spinner to vendor dashboard and reporting page to inform user that page
 is still loading
- Decreased the total limit when gathering orders to stay under the set timeout
   of 10000 millis
- Converted list order queries to use API service for readability
- Removed count of open orders for now until that number is fixed from all the
   orders that are still open due to errors/vendor issues

July 5, 2020


 - Added Vendor agreement popup with logic that they must accept before
   continuing to vendor portal
 - Added logic in customer portal to not access or place orders with vendors who
   have not signed the agreement
 - Removed a bug with vendor sign in causing page to load twice
 - Changed background around customer portal to dark gray
 - Added createdAt and updatedAt to all models
 - Added angular api service

June 30, 2020


- Customer cannot have blank first or last name on guest signup
- Customer cannot have blank first or last name on signup
- Updated cart UI to not remove delivery option when a preorder time is
  selected. It will now hide the time selection instead and set the time
  internally to 'asap' if delivery is selected

- Fixed pre order convenience fees to be applied when necessaryy

- Added subscription on app componenet to update vendor if open status changes
- Updated autoOpen logic to open the store as close to their open time as possible

June 25, 2020


- Fixed bug with"Transferred to bank" calculation

June 24, 2020


- Fixed bug with null entries for address components
- Added address prefix on checkout screen for clarity
- Added extra address components on track

June 24, 2020


- Added labels to address components on vendor orders page

- Fixed bug with preorder times showing up when delivery is chosen

June 23, 2020


- Removed (Pick-Up selected) message
- Changed "Delivery selected" to "Delivery Selected"
- Forced all order methods on vendor orders page to uppercase

June 18, 2020


- Refactored delivery autocomplete to custom component
- Updated delivery autocomplete to only use addresses

- Followed how Uber Eats captures addresses and added apt/suite/floor line as well as Building name line
- Added delivery notes section