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BYPPO's Declassified Freshman School Survival Guide - Discover Gainesville's Best Eateries

Are you a freshman feeling overwhelmed by the upcoming Fall semester? Is the transition to college causing you stress?

Not to worry, BYPPO is here to help! While we can't change your class schedule or reduce your workload, we can provide a temporary escape with Gainesville's most delectable bites. Whether you're craving a late-night treat or a deli sandwich, we've got you covered.

Welcome to BYPPO'S Declassified Freshman School Survival Guide, a fun spin-off of Ned's Declassified, designed to make your college experience more enjoyable.


A Freshman’s Feast: Savoring Fehrenbacher's Artisan Sausages and Sensational Sandwiches

The owner of Fehrenbacher's posing in front of his business
Owner Adam Fehrenbacher in front of his shop

When it comes to sandwiches, a lot can go wrong. But Fehrenbacher's Artisan Sausages does everything right. Join us as we explore the journey of Adam Fehrenbacher, from growing up on a family farm to owning a renowned deli and butcher shop. Discover the diverse menu that bids farewell to typical ham and cheese sandwiches. With over 8 tons of sausages produced annually, Fehrenbacher offers an endless variety of flavors, from traditional bratwurst to unique creations like ginger and sage breakfast sausages. Indulge in Gainesville's best sandwiches and sausages, conveniently located at 4th Ave Food Park, just minutes from the University of Florida campus.

"Sometimes, it's not just what you put in, but what you leave out," said Fehrenbacher.

The Perfect Burger Fix: DJ's Cast Iron Burgers

Every first-year foodie needs a good burger joint, and believe me, we know that fast food eventually gets old. If you're looking for the crispiest, most delectable burger, look no further than DJ's Cast Iron. Located off of University Avenue, DJ's cooks all their burgers in a cast iron skillet, creating a crispy, charred exterior with a juicy, tender interior. Owned by Jose Nieves and Miguel Cardona, DJ's pays homage to the classic diner-style burgers of the '50s. Step away from the ordinary and indulge in the crispiest, most delectable burgers without ever leaving campus.

Just like the cast-iron that Nieves and Cardona cook on, DJ's Cast Iron Burgers are "built to last!"


Fuel Your Late-Night Study Sessions at Foxtail Coffee

Outdoor seating at Foxtail
Plenty of outdoor seating

Your late-night study sessions will require a reliable coffee spot, and Foxtail Coffee fits the bill. Open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., and this cozy shop offers an ideal environment for studying, relaxing, and exploring caffeinated creations.

Foxtail's Cafe con leche served in their fox mug
Café con Leche in their signature fox mug

Discover a range of traditional and innovative coffee beverages, like their chai tea lattes and cold brew coffee flights. Foxtail's knowledgeable staff values high-quality coffee and is always ready to educate and engage in conversations with coffee enthusiasts. Don't miss their signature café con leche, sweetened with condensed milk and dusted with cinnamon powder.


Indulge in Midnight Cookies for the Ultimate Late-Night Treat

When cravings strike in the late hours, Midnight Cookies has got your back. Founded in 2009, this beloved cookie shop caters to residents and college students with its unique flavors and commitment to freshness. Explore their mouth-watering menu, inspired by desserts encountered during the owners' travels

From Cookies and Cream to Maple Bacon and Bananas Foster, these warm, ooey gooey cookies are the perfect reward for your all-night study sessions. The best part: they deliver to every UF dorm! You don't even have to leave your room to enjoy this late-night gem.


Beat the Heat with Rush Bowls' Refreshing Smoothie Bowls

Yoga Bowl in front of their mural wall
Signature Yoga Bowl made green from key ingredient: Matcha!

Gainesville's scorching sun calls for a refreshing treat, and Rush Bowls is here to help you cool off. Located conveniently under The Standard apartments, Rush Bowls offers a wide selection of nutritious smoothie bowls with an array of toppings.

The vibrant colors of the bowls, such as the pink from the pitaya and the blue from the spirulina, give you a product that's both aesthetically pleasing and delicious.

Perfect if you're in a "rush", Rush Bowls gives "fast-food" a different meaning!

"We're a fast grab-and-go where you can order and then go to class while enjoying the bowl on the way" - Sean Byers, owner

Take time to enjoy the local food scene can be a valuable part of your college experience! So go forth, explore these eateries, and make lasting memories while satisfying your taste buds. Cheers to a delicious and successful freshman year!

Written by Saffron Koppelmann.


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