Community at the Heart

BYPPOCampus enables students to get quick, convenient food by skipping the line or from other students without leaving campus. We let the real campus experts, the students, deliver food to fellow students. We like dealing with lost delivery drivers looking for the right building as little as you do.

BYPPOCampus gives students a chance to network and build friendships and a sense of community over food.

BYPPOCampus also strives to be an eco-friendly company by only allowing delivery by foot, scooter, or bicycle. Every order, from start to finish, is paperless.  

That's the BYPPO spirit.


Revolutionizing Campus Dining, 

Where We Operate

University of Florida

Over the course of 2021 and 2022, this pioneer relationship will reach 70.000 students, faculty and staff.

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Tasty Food. Delivered.

Long Lines. Skipped.

Flexibility. On Demand.

How We Transform Your Campus

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Step 1:

Skip the line or have your meal delivered. Start by visiting our BYPPO app.

How It Works

Step 3:

Add Taco to Cart

This is where you will be able to add menu items to your cart. The guac may be extra, but we are too! 

Step 4:

Place Your Order! 

Sit tight. Your order will be ready soon.

Step 5

You're Done.

Eat like a hippo! 

Step 2:

Choose Restaurant

Select from a list of restaurant locations available. Click on your favorite restaurant to view their menu.


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We're proud of what we do, and the community recognizes that, too.