Eat, Earn,
and Explore
Your Campus

Connecting students through food.





Students to Students

BYPPOCampus enables students to get quick, convenient food from other students without leaving campus.

Quick, Easy Food

BYPPOCampus utilizes the student community to ensure the quickest speed for food. No more lost delivery drivers looking for the right building!

Networking Opportunity

Students can network and build new connections via BYPPOCampus. Now, a student can bring food to another student and have the chance to meet a new friend at the same time!

The Beginning...

Benny just finished an Orgo exam and plans to study for his Calc exam at the library.

Vicky is studying for a Calc exam in the library. She's tired, stressed, and wants a good meal.

She goes on BYPPOCampus and orders a delicious meal.

Before heading to the library, he picks up food for himself and for "Vicky" through BYPPOCampus.

Ding! Just fifteen minutes later, Benny has arrived with her food!

Fifteen minutes later, he meets Vicky and finds out she's studying the for same exam!

Vicky notices Benny's Calculus textbook and finds out he's in the same class!

Through this delivery, Benny made a new friend and some pocket change!


Fast and Convenient

  • Your favorite campus restaurants
  • No downloads needed
  • Whenever, wherever
  • No more lost delivery drivers
  • Student run

Additional Income

  • On campus hustle
  • Deliver between classes
  • Be your own boss

Safe on Campus

  • Verified users ONLY
  • Safe pickup spots
  • Familiar grounds

Community Building

  • Meet new friends
  • Explore your campus
  • Network opportunity
  • Fun events

Go Green

  • On foot
  • On bike
  • On scooter
  • By bus