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Update: Byppo Promo Manager Launch

The development team at Byppo is proud to announce the launch of a promo manager for vendors and restaurant owners to create their own promo codes — at no additional cost. We hope that the addition of promo codes and events will support the restaurants in our community by allowing them to better connect with customers.

What’s new?

The addition of this user-friendly interface cuts out the middleman and allows vendors to customize their own promo codes however and whenever they want. Our developers anticipate the launch of this new feature to drop on April 14, 2021.

What does this update mean for you?

This upcoming update allows restaurants and vendors to mass create discount codes themselves with ease, so they no longer have to wait for Byppo to release promo codes. Byppo developers are currently working hard to ensure the promo manager is not only perfectly optimized but user-friendly.

Sneak peek of how our new promo manager helps you keep track of your discounts.

Now, you can do it yourself!

We’ve added this convenient feature as a result of feedback we’ve received from our community. As always, Byppo encourages and appreciates your feedback. We will continue to listen to our business partners and customers, and we expect to add more features to our app soon. We look forward to dining with you!


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