The Only App That Pays to Eat

The Only App That Pays to Eat


Grow your Food Currency today.

Check-in Program Rules

To participate in the BYPPO Check-in Program, you will have to:​​

  1. Download the BYPPO app via the Apple Store or Google Play (Note: Check-in feature is only available on the BYPPO web app).

  2. Create a BYPPO account or log into a registered BYPPO account.

  3. Enable your location to be shared on the BYPPO app.

BYPPOBucks Check-in Rules

  1. You must have a BYPPO account and be logged in to participate.

  2. You must enable location sharing in order for the App to verify that you are at the restaurant location.

  3. A successful check-in will verify that you are located at the restaurant's physical address.

  4. You are limited to 1 check-in every 2 hours.

  5. Each time you dine in at a Byppo Vendor, you may “check in” using the "Check-In" button on your BYPPO App. Each successful check-in will entitle you to earn $5 in Byppo Bucks that will be credited to your BYPPOBucks balance in your account.

  6. When you have accumulated $100 in BYPPOBucks, you may begin to redeem those Bucks as credits for the purchase of food or products from BYPPO Vendors.

  7. The Bucks balance under your account will never expire.

  8. You may not transfer any Check-ins, credits, or BYPPOBucks balances from one account to another.

  9. Once you have reached the $100 goal, you may start again to accumulate Byppo Bucks.

  10. There is no limit to the number of separate $100 Byppo Bucks credits you may achieve.

  11. You may only apply the BYPPOBucks rewards balance under the account that you earned the rewards. You may not use BYPPOBucks to check out under a guest account or another user's account.

  12. If you have any questions about the Check-in program, reach out to us here.

Version 1.1.2 - Modified June 1, 2022

How BYPPOBucks works

Earn Bucks

Check-in at restaurants ​on BYPPO app

Earn $5 per Check-in*


*Amount and availability subject to change. Please see Check-in Program Rules for details. 


Redeem your earnings every $100. Amount never expires.

Available to you whenever you are hungry.

Order & Eat

Apply your Bucks balance and order food. Picked-up or delivered, your pick.

Eat, eat, & eat.