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Effective Date: September 20th, 2023


1. Program Overview


The BYPPO Refer a Restaurant Program ("Program") is established to promote the recruitment of new restaurants ("Referred Restaurants") to the BYPPO platform by current vendors ("Referring Vendors"). As a token of appreciation for their efforts, Referring Vendors shall receive 50 bonus check-ins when a Referred Restaurant successfully registers and completes their entire account setup checklist using the unique referral code assigned to the Referring Vendor. These bonus check-ins are provided by BYPPO and are subject to expiration 30 days from the date of issuance.


2. Procurement and Sharing of Referral Codes


Referring Vendors can access their unique Referral Code by logging into their BYPPO Vendor Portal account, navigating to "Settings," and selecting "Referral." Referring Vendors are exclusively responsible for disseminating their own Referral Codes and shall refrain from using another restaurant's code to claim bonus free check-ins.


3. Qualification for Bonus Check-Ins


For Referring Vendors to qualify for the 50 bonus check-ins:

  1. Referred Restaurants must complete their registration with the Referring Vendor's unique referral code.

  2. Referred Restaurants must fulfill their entire account setup checklist on the BYPPO platform.

  3. Referring Vendors must maintain active vendor status on the BYPPO platform.

  4. Referring Vendors' accounts must remain in good standing without any outstanding balances or unresolved payments to be eligible for bonus-free check-ins.


4. BYPPO's Discretion

BYPPO reserves full discretion to:

  1. Determine the eligibility of Referring Vendors to participate in the Program.

  2. Approve or reject the inclusion of Referred Restaurants on the BYPPO app.

  3. Modify or terminate the Program at any time without prior notice.


5. Activation of Bonus Check-Ins


The 30-day bonus check-in period commences on the date BYPPO grants approval for the Referred Restaurant to feature on the BYPPO app. The authority to approve or deny the inclusion of a Referred Restaurant on the BYPPO app is vested solely in BYPPO and cannot be conferred by any entity other than BYPPO.


6. Additional Terms


Participation in the Program is contingent upon adherence to these Program Terms and Conditions, in addition to BYPPO's general Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


By participating in the Program, Referring Vendors and Referred Restaurants affirm their commitment to comply with these Terms and Conditions.


BYPPO, at its discretion, may investigate any instances of suspicious or fraudulent activity associated with the Program and is empowered to take appropriate action, including but not limited to the revocation of bonus check-ins, account terminations, and legal recourse.


7. Contact Information


For inquiries or concerns regarding the Program, please direct all correspondence to BYPPO at


These Program Terms and Conditions are effective as of the Effective Date and remain subject to modification at the discretion of BYPPO, with due consideration for the interests of all stakeholders. Referring Vendors and Referred Restaurants are encouraged to periodically review these terms for updates or alterations.




Victoria Liu


BYPPO Technologies, LLC


This document constitutes the official BYPPO Refer a Restaurant Program Terms and Conditions and is binding upon all parties involved.

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