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Restaurant Perks

BYPPO users are always looking for their next favorite spot to bring their friends to, which is why we hold our restaurants to the highest standards.

Flexibility to use your own drivers or Byppo drivers. Our drivers are uniformed and trained to provide the highest quality service.

Personal Drivers

Our restaurants receive exclusive and unbeatable prices for online pickup and delivery. Restaurants can save 15% more with Byppo when compared with other delivery companies.

Exclusive Rates

Restaurants will be featured on our Instagram pages. We partner with news stations, food influencers and the community to provide interviews and exposure for all of our valued restaurants.

Professional Marketing

Here's what our
restaurants say about us

"Our customers found the app really easy to use, and it increased our daily sales!"

June Allen
Owner of Ember's Grill

"Customers love being able to get ahead of the line in take-out. They're responding very well to how user friendly Byppo is!"

Bo Prum
Owner of Prum's Kitchen

"Byppo is one of the most user friendly platforms that I have experienced."

Nataly Meth
Owner of Cilantro Tacos

"Byppo was quick and easy to get setup and running and is a simple solution for no fuss online ordering."

Wade McMullen
GM of Satchel's Pizza

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