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How it Works

Students order food on BYPPOCampus

Students can now get campus food delivered directly to their dorms or anywhere on campus.

Campus Restaurant fulfills order

Your dining location fulfills the order effortlessly with our user-friendly BYPPO Vendor Portal interface.

Our Delivery Heroes deliver the food

Our campus-based Delivery Heroes team picks up and delivers your delicious food to students, handling all the delivery logistics for you.



We share our pies.

BYPPOCAMPUS powered by Grubhub.

Summer 2024 Pilot Program at the University of South Florida

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for BYPPOCampus for my campus dining?

Please fill out the Get Started form below and we will reach out directly to begin the onboarding process. We will meet to propose an implementation plan that is catered to your school-specific needs.

How quickly can I implement BYPPOCampus at my school?

Depending on your school dining program, it may take as short as 30 days or as long as 60 days. We will work with you to meet any specific requests if necessary.

Will you operate at my school?

We can operate at any school that has students!

How do you employ your delivery heroes?

Our program uses the gig-economy model. Our delivery heroes are independent contractors and work on their own flexible schedules.

What happens if there are no delivery heroes available?

 A customer may try to place a delivery order again until a delivery hero is available. Our system will prompt any nearby delivery heroes of an incoming delivery order in order to not miss out on a delivery.

How do we fulfill the orders?

BYPPO will create a Vendor account for each dining location. You will be able to login into your account on the Vendor APP  where you will be able to view all orders and manage your menu items.

How much are delivery fees?

We implement a delivery algorithm that uses real time supply and demand, order volume, and delivery distance to determine the best rate. Fees may range from $3.99 - $7.99.

What are the requirements to launch this program?

  • At least 4 vendor restaurants offering delivery

  • Min. 3 year program

  • iPads/Tablets to fulfill orders at each location

  • Hungry students on campus!

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We Connect Students Through Food.

Watch video to explore our approach.

The BYPPO Solution

Learn about our Pilot program at University of Florida and how we helped the student-ecosystem with our community-oriented food delivery.




Experiential Learning with Student CEO

Dedicated student CEOs will manage their school's BYPPOCampus program, gaining practical business experience.

Student Safety

Safety is our priority when it comes to food. Food deliveries are only within campus grounds and performed by verified campus-affiliated personnel.

Go Hippo, Go Green

We are an eco-friendly company that builds a network of delivery only by foot, scooter, public transit or bicycle. With each delivery, we reduce our economic footprint right on campus grounds, all through food.

Every campus order, from start to finish, is paperless, sustainable, and hippo-friendly.

Loyalty that Pays to Eat

Our BYPPOBucks Rewards program allows students to "Check in" at campus retail locations and get rewarded $5 per check-in. This program literally pays to eat!

Builds Student Network Right On Campus

Students get a chance to network and build friendships and a sense of community over food right on campus. We focus on building a network of campus-affiliated delivery runners that deliver only to other campus-affiliated personnel (can be any student, faculty, or campus staff).

Convenience, With Proven Human Reliability

Our delivery runners are humans that focus on building real human connections. They are campus experts that know how to navigate their campus grounds with efficiency in order to get the job done.

Deepens Student Meal Plan Value

Students can conveniently order pick-up and delivery from campus retail locations, all included in their meal plans. They can also use their dining dollars on BYPPO for purchases, increasing their meal plan value each semester.*

Fuels the student economy.

We give jobs to students, allowing them the ability to earn income right on campus and create connections.

Focuses on experiential learning.

We give students the opportunity to learn by doing.

$5 Reward/Check-in.

We incentivize students to keep eating on-campus



Gives jobs to robots, to outside campus patrons.
Replacing human workers with robots and serving outsiders, neglecting our own community's needs.

Robots can't push all elevator buttons.
It can't do everything humans can, which emphasizes the importance of considering the impact of automation on human workers.

Robots have no emotions.
It doesn't feel anything, it does not give you the fulfillment of giving and creating connections.

Case Study:
University of Florida

BYPPOCampus | Campus Food Delivery
BYPPOCampus | Campus Food Delivery

2024-25 Trending Issues & how we are tackling them

Get Started​

Please let us know a little bit about your school and a campus strategist will reach out shortly.

Thank you. We'll reach out shortly

The future of Higher Ed hospitality includes delivery as an innovative way to meet students, faculty, and staff where they are. And BYPPOCampus is simply the superior solution to being able to connect with anyone, anywhere, at the moment of truth.  Combined with experiential learning opportunities and social enterprise there is no competition

Larry Lee, M.Ed., CASP

Our collaboration with BYPPOCampus introduced the future of food delivery on college campuses. Food connects us and using student-to-student delivery methods created a sense of community and warmth that is missing from commercial food delivery services."

Gator Dining, Aramark
University of Florida

Hear From Our Campus Hippo

Discover BYPPOCAMPUS at your school.

Why Choose Us Instead?

​"BYPPO is an awesome app that makes ordering food on campus so much more convenient!"

Emma Agnelli

Campus Student

"Great for on-campus ordering. Ordered food on UF Campus with this app and it was very good! I enjoyed skipping the lines. It was super convenient."

BYPPOCampus | Campus Food Delivery

Karen Taft

Campus Customer

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