BYPPO Featured Restaurants Perks

Personal Byppo delivery drivers just for you, so you can control delivery every step of the way.

Personal Drivers

Our restaurants receive exclusive prices for online ordering options.

Exclusive Rates

Gainesville resturants will be featured on our EATGNV instagram page. We provide professional journalism and marketing content.

Professional Marketing

The Go-to Local Foods App

BYPPO is the local food app that features the best Gainesville restaurants. BYPPO users are always looking for their next favorite spot to bring their friends to, which is why we hold our restaurants to the highest standards. Every month, our ambassadors, users, and food critics will reevaluate the best 20 local restaurants and determine whether or not they will be on the app for the proceeding month.

Do You Have The Best Gainesville Restaurant?

Our criteria for every restaurant featured

Byppo restaurants must be unique in their cities, usually located in only one or just a few cities.


Restaurants should have a unique, recognizable and memorable brand. We're looking for individuality!


Our Byppo restaurants must meet the highest criteria of the highest quality service, food, and cleanliness.


Does your Restaurant Have What it Takes?