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Byppo 2.0 Update Announcement

This week, Byppo is proud to announce we are celebrating the company’s second anniversary by rolling out the Byppo 2.0 update. Our online ordering interface has been redesigned to improve the function and aesthetics of the menus while simultaneously improving app performance.

Previously, Byppo’s ordering menu was entirely text, so this update will now feature photos to be included alongside menu items. As the saying goes, “the eyes eat before the mouth does,” so this update feature will allow you to visualize what you’ll be chomping on soon after you place your order through our checkout! Another visual feature we’ve added is also one of the first things you may notice; a chomping hippo for all of our loading animations.

Byppo 2.0 adds visual aesthetics to your ordering experience

One of our goals with this recent update was to help restaurants better communicate with their online patrons, so we will be introducing the Recommendations page, which will allow our featured restaurants to promote their most popular or favorite menu items.

The Byppo 2.0 update will also fix performance issues with the checkout screen when ordering. We’ve had complaints about food orders not going through in checkout, so our team has been working diligently to resolve this issue to ensure it won’t occur again!

Byppo is proud to work alongside some of the finest establishments in the food business. We want to ensure that the experience of online ordering is enjoyable from start to finish, so we hope this newest update delivers on that standard. Thank you for chomping with Byppo!


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