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Caffeine and Community: Opus Coffee's Local Charm

Opus Coffee has become a household name in Gainesville, Florida. This local coffee shop has grown significantly over the years and is now a vital part of the UF Health Network. I had the pleasure of speaking with Ryan, Opus Coffee's graphic designer and content creator, to learn more about the history of Opus and what makes it so special.

Opus Coffee was founded by two brothers, Brett and Tim, who moved from Miami to Gainesville with the idea of starting a coffee business. They approached different hospitals in Florida with the proposal of starting a coffee cart to serve coffee to employees, and the only one that accepted was the General Hospital, which is now the UF Health System. They started with a coffee cart and eventually expanded to six locations within the hospital system. In 2020, they opened the Innovation location and the Opus Airstream food park, which supports local businesses.

Opus Coffee's focus is not only on providing quality coffee but also on supporting the Gainesville community. They try to support local industries and businesses and be the local coffee favorite. Opus Coffee's six locations within the UF Health Network and its presence in the Gainesville community have made it a local favorite.

Ryan, the graphic designer, and content creator, shared some exciting information about Opus Coffee. They make all their sandwiches in-house, and they partner with local restaurants to help each other. Ryan also mentioned that Opus Coffee tries to cater to everyone, including vegans, which is why they have vegan friendly food on their menu.

Opus Coffee's coffee-making process is quite fascinating. Ryan mentioned that they started roasting in-house in 2014 and have been perfecting the process ever since. They roast coffee on a roaster, which allows them to create unique coffee blends.. From classic espresso drinks to unique seasonal beverages, every sip is a new adventure. But wait, there's more! Treat yourself to a fresh pastry, a hearty breakfast sandwich, or a delightful salad to keep you fueled for the day. And for the non-coffee drinkers out there, fear not! Opus offers a wide selection of teas, hot chocolates, and refreshing cold drinks. So come on over, pick your poison, and savor the flavor!

In conclusion, Opus Coffee is more than just a coffee shop; it's a community. Its presence in the Gainesville community and its connection to the UF Health Network have made it a vital part of the city. Opus Coffee's dedication to quality coffee and local support has made it a local favorite. If you're in Gainesville, be sure to check out Opus Coffee and try some of their delicious coffee, sandwiches, and pastries.

Opus Coffee is one of the many local businesses available on Gainesville, and ordering from them is a breeze. Plus, when you order from Opus Coffee , you're supporting a local business and helping to strengthen the Gainesville community. So next time you're in the mood for a delicious cup of make sure to stop by Opus Coffee.

Written by: BYPPO Marketing Team


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