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From shakes to teas and all things healthy.

Up 2 U Nutrition offers accessible, affordable, and sustainable food solutions for people who want to stay fit and healthy in their fast-paced lives.

Originally from Miami, Nico Echeverria and Rosie Gil’s original idea was to help people who needed to lose or gain weight or gain energy and be in a location where people can feel accepted, comfortable, and at home. Talk about #couplegoals!

Having a healthier lifestyle in mind, their business was not affected by the pandemic. In fact, it was a great opportunity for them that many people started to be conscious about health and protecting their immune system, so their shop started to gain traction for people wanting to have a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Get a shake, get a tea. Get creative.

This millennial couple has a sizeable TikTok following and does not only show their creativity on social media but also through their menu.

The teas may be Herbalife based, but the combination of flavors and their exciting names are inspired by their personalities. From their SupahShakes and SpecialTeas menu, you’ll see how they combine their interests with their craft. One is a legit Potterhead, and the other is an unrelenting True Believer.

“We really wanted the community and our whole shop to be hands-on. We wanted them to actually have a place where they can feel free, have fun, and enjoy the experience!”

They let the rest of the muggles be bad and bougie, so to speak. They focus on replacing junk meals with healthy shakes and making them look hip and cool. They even use puns which their customers find hilarious! Now they have all the fun flavors that their customers can try.

Some of their most popular flavors, like Oreo Explosion and Strawberry Cheesecake, are crowd favorites. The protein waffles are also scrumptious and definitely part of the hit list. Bask in all its deliciousness without the guilt because these baddies are baked, not fried.

“We make sure everything tastes good before adding it to the menu.”

Feel Better, Make Friends, and start your school on a high note!

UP 2 U Nutrition is located near schools, and they are super excited about the students going back. They want to add more value not only to college kids but also bring the high schools and preschoolers to the mix! Look out for their back-to-school promotions real soon!

Get your shake fix by checking in on our BYPPO app. You can also order pick up, or delivery directly on the app.


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