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From the Shore to the Sunshine State: Playa Bowls is in St. Pete

It can be a real challenge to find a meal that is both delicious and nourishing. Fortunately, there's a spot that hits the mark on both counts: Playa Bowls. Not only are their superfood bowls heavenly to taste but they're packed with tons of nutrients. And we got the inside "scoop" on how they do it.

The story of Playa Bowls begins with surf enthusiasts Robert Giuliani and Abby Taylor, who started the brand as a sidewalk pop-up in Belmar, NJ. From these humble beginnings, it has grown into a nationwide sensation with over 200 locations. Thy spent years perfecting their menu and advocating for the benefits of natural ingredients like acai. The duo, driven by their love for acai and other natural ingredients, captured the hearts of Jacob and Ethan, who found themselves drawn to the brand's widespread appeal.

Little did Jacob and Ethan know that their love for Playa Bowls would steer their lives in an entirely new direction. With backgrounds in the real estate industry, they saw an exciting opportunity to invest in Playa Bowls as franchisees. Convinced of the brand's potential, they packed their bags and made their way to the sunny shores of Florida, establishing their own Playa Bowls paradise in St. Petersburg. As passionate co-owners, they're on a mission to introduce more smoothie enthusiasts to the unique Playa Bowls experience.

At the heart of what makes Playa Bowls exceptional is their commitment to sourcing the freshest ingredients. Most of their fruit is sourced directly from South America and is bursting with flavor. Another plus, they don't use any added filers of sweeteners in their bowls.

You'll also never run out of options. They have an extensive menu with an array of bowl bases including pitaya, coconut, banana and mango. And as the fall season arrives, Playa Bowls welcomes autumn-inspired add-ons like apple butter, pumpkin butter and pumpkin flax granola. Every bite, bursts with authenticity, transporting your taste buds to a tropical paradise.

But that's not all – Playa Bowls is meticulous about every detail. Each location boasts hand-painted murals and menu boards, making each location unique. Even the materials used echo their dedication to sustainability; the wood adorning the walls and countertops is reclaimed from hurricane aftermath, and all serving utensils are either recycled or recyclable. Even their bags are crafted from sugar cane, a testament to their eco-conscious approach.

Regardless of whether you're a health enthusiast, a devoted foodie, or someone seeking an eco-conscious indulgence, the Playa Bowls in St. Pete stands as the ultimate destination. The flavors are not just incredible; they're an explosion of authenticity. Let us know your favorite order!

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