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Gainesville on a Plate: A Culinary Journey from Sunrise to Sunset

We've all been there – the indecisiveness when it comes to figuring out what to eat for each meal of the day. Sometimes, the choices seem endless, and other times, nothing quite comes to mind. That's where Gainesville steps in, generously offering a trio of local dining establishments that cater to every craving. Picture this: starting your day with a comforting breakfast at The Flying Biscuit, followed by a flavor-packed lunch at Linda Vista and ending with a sophisticated dining affair at Keys Piano Bar. These dining spots are sure to satisfy your appetite and become long-time favorites. Let's dive into what makes these three so special.


Good Morning Foodies

The Flying Biscuit has long been celebrated for its scrumptious breakfast offerings that leave locals coming back. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Mandy Goodrich, the Catering and Event Coordinator at The Flying Biscuit, to uncover the essence of what makes this establishment the go-to destination for morning delights.

From setting up caterings and decorating to ensuring the smooth execution of events, Mandy's creative touch brings an extra layer of magic to The Flying Biscuit experience.

Three delicious plates: The Flying Biscuit's Classic Breakfast, Stuffed French Toast and Chorizo Hash
The Flying Biscuit's Classic Breakfast, Stuffed French Toast and Chorizo Hash

According to Mandy, what sets The Flying Biscuit apart is it's tight-knit family atmosphere. Many of the restaurant's "regulars" have been dining there since it's opening back in 2009. The reason? The Flying Biscuit's consistently delicious breakfast and fluffy biscuits. One of our favorites is the stuffed french toast. Imagine two thick slices of bread grilled and stuffed with a cream cheese and covered in raspberry sauce strawberries and powdered sugar.

Mandy shared her personal favorite, the "Free Bird benedict," a delightful eggs benedict covered with their homemade chicken sausage gravy. However, you really can't go wrong with any of their dishes.

Aside from their delicious food, the staff at The Flying Biscuit is just as sweet! Everyone greets you with a smile and makes you feel right at home. All around, you can observe the bond that servers have developed with their beloved "regulars." Even more, the staff has a wonderful bond with one another.

"Our servers, our management, everyone puts each other first," Mandy says, highlighting the strong sense of unity and support.

Mandy's admiration extends to the owner of the local Flying Biscuit, Stan, who remains actively involved in the daily operations. His presence, engagement, and commitment to fostering a homey environment resonate throughout the establishment.

From its time-tested menu to its close-knit family atmosphere, this beloved establishment offers a slice of Gainesville's vibrant community spirit. The Flying Biscuit should be at the top of your list for your next foodie adventure!

It's Lunch Time Hippos!

When it comes to Mexican cuisine in Gainesville, one restaurant stands out as a beacon of authenticity and family values - Linda Vista. With 15 years of delighting taste buds, this restaurant has become a cherished establishment for locals and visitors alike. I had the privilege of sitting down with Luis Soto, the General Manager of Linda Vista, to dive into the rich history, delectable dishes, and the heartwarming story that makes this restaurant so special.

Linda Vista opened in Gainesville back in 2008 with the help of Las Margaritas, another renowned Mexican restaurant. This dynamic partnership, driven by a commitment to quality and taste, allowed Linda Vista to carve its own niche in Gainesville's culinary landscape. A true family business, Luis's father spends most of his time in the kitchen while Luis tends to tables and directs a large team. Together, the entire family has managed to infuse their deep passion for food and hospitality into every corner of Linda Vista.

"It's always been a dream for our family to open up our own place," Luis shared.

As Linda Vista approaches its 15-year anniversary in September, Luis takes a moment to reflect on their journey. Luis acknowledges the challenges they faced, especially during the initial years when he had to navigate uncharted waters as a manager. "I felt like I was thrown out in the jungle and I had to survive because I had no other options but to just figure it out," he candidly shares.

When asked about his personal favorites from the menu, Luis lights up with enthusiasm. He highlights dishes like their authentic Chicken Jalisco and their tender carnitas. His passion for these dishes extends beyond their flavors - it's about the love and dedication that his father pours into each creation. The flavor BURTS with each bite!

Luis's favorite the carnitas mexicanas

As Linda Vista evolves, the Soto family continues to blend tradition with innovation. Luis mentions plans for a revamped menu, introducing exciting new items that will keep its patrons guessing.

Through their journey, Linda Vista has become more than a restaurant; it's a testament to the power of family, passion, and community. Luis Soto and his family have turned a dream into a reality, one plate at a time, leaving a lasting impression on Gainesville's culinary scene. So, whether you're a seasoned regular or a first-time visitor, Linda Vista is the perfect spot for your next lunch.


Finishing Strong

Welcome to the captivating world of The Keys Grill and Piano Bar, where melody, creativity, and community intertwine. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Tracy Crawford, the General Manager at Keys Piano Bar, to uncover the values that define this unique establishment.

The restaurant is known for it's laid back "beachy vibe" and fun live music. Tracy described the first time she joined the team and got to experience their signature "dueling piano" night. "I'd never seen anything like it," she said, it was so different from any other place in Gainesville.

Tracy's passion for creativity and crafting unique drinks finds its canvas in the bar's evolving drink menus. "I try to bring in as much local and seasonal stuff as I can," she said. She is always looking for the next big thing to add to their menu. Her approach to drink creation is a blend of market research, inspiration from her surroundings, and a touch of ingenuity. Their most recent summer menu features a variety of tropical rum-based cocktails that encapsulate that "Florida Keys Lifestyle." We had the pleasure of trying their coconut key lime martini and prickly pear margarita. The balance of creaminess and tartness in the martini was exceptional. I felt like I was drinking a homemade desert. The prickly pear margarita was a burst of freshness and the perfect balance of sweetness. With one of their drinks in hand and artists at the keys, you feel like you're being swept away on a tropical vacation.

Drawing from her rich experience, Tracy imparts wisdom for those entering the hospitality industry. "Listen to your staff, listen to your customers," she advises. Recognizing the interconnectedness of staff satisfaction and guest experience, Tracy emphasizes the symbiotic relationship that drives success in the restaurant business.

As Keys Piano Bar continues to evolve under its new ownership, Tracy's passion for the restaurant shines brightly. The bar's unique blend of creativity, camaraderie and captivating melodies stands as a testament to Gainesville's rich cultural tapestry. Whether you're drawn by the notes of the piano or the allure of delightful drinks, Keys Piano Bar promises an experience that resonates long after the last chord is played.


If you're in the Gainesville area, don't hesitate to try these delicious restaurants, and tag us too!

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