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Get $5 for you and a friend!!

When you are excited about something, you share it with your friends. We have news to share with you and we hope you’ll be just as excited as we are. The BYPPOFriends referral program!

With our referral program, we will give you will code specific to your BYPPOCampus account. You’ll earn $5 in BYPPO credit for every friend who uses your referral code to place an order of $5 or more. When your referred friend sets up an account with your code, that friend will also get $5 off his or her initial order!

Sounds too good to be true, right? We hope you know by now just how much we love food. We really, really love it. We think everyone should get a chance to eat something delicious. We know our Gators have an appetite and love to save money.

There are a few conditions to our program we want to share. All participating parties must be at least 18 years old. You must have a valid BYPPO account to generate your referral code, and anyone you share your code with must be a new member. They cannot apply the code to an existing account.

You must both agree to receive emails and text messages regarding the Referral Program and other BYPPO marketing promotions. We promise not to spam you, but we need to keep you in the loop of all the exciting things happening at BYPPO!

Once your friend creates their account they must place an initial order of $5 before taxes and applicable fees. They must create this order within 14 days of signing up. A $5 discount will be applied to their order, and you’ll receive your own $5 discount to your account within 24 hours!

Best of all, the limit does not exist! You can refer as many new BYPPO members as you like. Give everyone $5 and get $5 back.

See, we told you we were excited!

For more information on this program and to read through the terms, please visit


The Only App That Pays to Eat

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