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Introducing PizzElla: A Slice of Love and Tradition in Miami's South Beach Food Hall

Greetings, BYPPO foodies! Today, we're delving into the world of PizzElla, a lovely pizzeria located in Miami's South Beach Food Hall. We start with the story of Larry Galper, PizzElla's brilliant chef and founder. Born in Staten Island, New York, Larry's journey has been fueled by his deep-rooted passion for food.


PizzElla isn't just a name; it's a tribute to the remarkable women in Larry's family, particularly his mom, Elvira, fondly known as Ella. Hailing from a Ukrainian background, His mother was a phenomenal home cook who whipped up classic Ukrainian-Russian dishes like potato pirozhkis and green borscht. Larry's childhood was surrounded by flavors he assumed were just the "norm" for everyone else. While Larry had been a foodie all his life, he didn't realize his calling as a chef just yet.

Larry likens his culinary journey to a '90s rom-com, where the protagonist realizes that the love of his life has been right beside him all along. "Cooking for me is like that girl next door," he said, "It just took me until later in life to realize it." While he enjoyed working in the entertainment industry for nearly 15 years, he decided to give in to his passion for cooking.

Larry attended an expedited culinary school program at the New School of Cooking in Los Angeles. To graduate, he was required to complete 300 hours of work in a restaurant. This requirement took him through various kitchens, where he honed his skills and learned from talented mentors. His favorite cooking job was at Hatchet Hall in Culver City. He said the job gave him eight years of culinary education in only two years working there. However, he eventually left California to be closer to family and moved to Miami.

Following the move, Larry realized he was tired of chasing other's dreams and wanted to become his own boss. So, in April 2021, PizzElla initially emerged as a pop-up concept with nothing but a small, portable Neapolitan-style oven. However, it was only a short time before his vision expanded to include a food truck, allowing him to bring his creations to various locations and events around Miami.

Owner, Larry Galper working hard on this delicious vegan pizza
Owner, Larry Galper working hard on this delicious vegan pizza

As his journey continued, PizzElla found a home at South Beach Food Hall,

formally the Time Out Market. With its innovative twists, PizzElla became a hit, capturing the hearts of locals and visitors alike. Larry's dedication to quality, flavor and innovation shines through in every slice.

Larry envisions PizzElla evolving into more than just a pizzeria. Inspired by some of his favorite eateries, he aims to create a holistic dining experience where other culinary delights complement the menu. "I want PizzElla to be a really cool restaurant that serves pizza, not a pizza restaurant with other food," he said. He views pizza as the ultimate "blank canvas." He has also been quick to offer vegan options to allow all foodies to try his pizza.

My favorite is when I'm eating something that has absolutely zero to do with pizza," said Larry, "and I'm like, wait a second, there's a pizza in this somehow."

One of his favorite creations is his "Pizza Rosa," designed to mimic the sweet spot where the sauce and the crust meet. Unlike other pizzas, this one has no cheese, just the simplicity of good sauce, seasonings and a kiss of fresh basil. However, the menu has a variety of tasty pizzas for everyone's preference.

Larry's journey is a testament to always following one's passion and seeking knowledge from those who excel in their craft. He encourages aspiring chefs to embrace the journey, surround themselves with talented mentors and continue learning and evolving. After all, the true reward lies in seeing people enjoy your creations.

So, whether you're a pizza lover or an all-around foodie, PizzElla at South Beach Food Hall promises an unforgettable experience. Go treat yourself to the perfect slice!


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