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Leonardo's pizza at Millhopper: a place where memories are made and love is shared

Bringing Chicago style pizza, Leonardo's has been part of the Gainesville community for 45+ years.

"Bringing joy to the community since 1976"

Kyle Cohan has been the owner of Leonardo’s Pizza in Millhopper since 2018. He bought Leonardo’s from its previous owners but wanted to restore its magic by keeping everything the same. With the same music, decor, recipes and environment; Leonardo’s is a place many can call home.

Kyle has been coming to Leo’s since he was younger with his parents when they would visit Gainesville and kept this tradition by coming with his family. Well that's what Leonardo’s is all about! FAMILY, COMMUNITY, & TRADITION.

Leonardo’s is a three generation table restaurant. It is filled with big families of parents, kids, and grandparents. It is not a place that only sells delicious pizza and garlic rolls, but a place that sells memories. Whether it's making new ones or resorting to old one’s, Leonardo’s is always there to comfort its community.

"we sell pizza & garlic knots, but most importantly we sell memories." - Kyle

What makes this place so special many could ask. Well it's simple - Kyle has maintained this place to be what it always has been: a place where the Gainesville community can feel welcomed and loved. With staff members that have been around for more than 15 years and customers that make it a weekly tradition, Leonardo’s Pizza has always been there for them.

Another thing that makes them extra special is their commitment to give back to the community. By hosting fundraisers for the local middle school and highschool bands, they help these kids achieve their dreams! And let's not forget their biggest event! The Pat Dailey Golf tournament, where they have participated for the last four years and raise money for “Stop Children's Cancer Organization” here in Gainesville, raising over one million dollars!

Leonardo’s pizza is a staple in the Gainesville community and it's an experience everyone who comes to town should have. From their delicious pizza , outstanding rolls and fun tables, everyone should come try it out.


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