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The Newest Faces at Byppo!

Introducing Byppo's Summer Interns

In the midst of the hot and steamy summers in Gainesville, Byppo is expanding and taking on new challenges and projects every day. To help tackle all the ideas and brainstorming, there are some new faces at the forefront of Byppo’s expansions: interns! In this new class of innovation at Byppo, we have marketing interns Heather Ha and Liz Early, and operations interns Aaminah Hussain and Taysir Ismail.

Heather Ha

Starting off, one of our new marketing interns is University of Florida Senior, Heather Ha, from Kissimmee, FL. As an advertising student at UF, Heather has loved learning about marketing in the media industry, and the global impacts of advertising in international business. Her hobbies include traveling, reading, exercising, and she loves binging new shows. One of Heather’s goals is to visit 25 countries by the age of 25!

Heather’s favorite foods are Korean BBQ, seafood boils, mexican food, and - like all of us - anything with cheese. Her spirit animal is a Koala, because she’s protective and nurturing of her family and friends, and is very easy going and laid back.

We consider ourselves at Byppo lucky to have Heather on our team and are excited to work together to bring you all the local and good eats of Gainesville!

Liz Early

Our next marketing intern is a Junior at the University of Florida, Liz Early. Liz studies Marketing and Sports & Media Journalism at UF and likes learning about different marketing strategies and their direct effect on business. As a native to St. Petersburg, FL, Liz loves to spend time on the beach and paddle-board in Tampa Bay. In her free time, Liz also likes to try new foods, and has a summer goal of trying a new and local restaurant in her hometown every week!

Liz’s favorite foods are anything Italian, Mexican (most specifically tacos), Dim Sum, and smoothies and acai bowls. She says her spirit animal is a fox because of their observant and clever nature, as well as their adaptability and calmness in stressful situations. Liz loves playing and watching sports, and considers herself a foodie!

Keep a lookout for Liz’s reviews and blogs on our website, we are very excited to work with her and local restaurants here at Byppo to bring you local foods!

Aaminah Hussain

On our operations team, one of our two interns is Miami, FL native, Aaminah Hussain. As a Junior studying Sports Management at UF, Aaminah is interested in entrepreneurship and real estate. She loves going to car meets, learning new things about cars, and spending time in nature. In her free time, you may find her hugging trees or walking in trails and parks!

Aaminah’s favorite foods are Indian and Cuban foods, and her first language was Spanish. Aaminah identifies with two spirit animals: a wolf and a lion. Both animals reflect strong qualities of Aaminah, including strength, perseverance, intuition, and friendliness.

We are so excited at Byppo to work with Aaminah and continue innovating and growing as a company!

Taysir Ismail

Last but not least, we have our second operations intern, Taysir Ismail. From Orlando, FL, Taysir is a Junior at UF and studies Finance! His professional goals and interests are in the corporate finance world and exploring venture capital.

Some of Taysir’s hobbies include playing sports, like tennis and basketball. Taysir, like Aaminah, also loves spending time in nature! His favorite food is anything with pasta and his first language was French. Taysir’s spirit animal is a polar bear and has been since he was a child, because of one of his favorite childhood toys.

We are happy to have Taysir join our team and are excited to work with him and all of our other interns!

Thanks for Sticking Around!

We are truly excited for our future at Byppo and warmly welcome all our interns in that process. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to working with you soon!


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