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Paramount Grill: From Rock Star to Executive Chef, Ty Ford Brings Heat to Downtown Gainesville

Ty Ford, the owner and executive chef of Paramount Grill, has a fascinating culinary journey that led him to where he is today. From his early days of helping his grandmother in the kitchen to touring with his band, cooking was always a passion that Ty relied on for work. After a few years of cooking, it became his new passion, and he never looked back.

When he stumbled upon Paramount Grill in Gainesville, FL 12 years ago, he knew he had found the perfect place to work. The restaurant's previous owner, Clif Nelson, was not only a great chef but also a great listener and a friend who welcomed Ty into the restaurant's family. After years of hard work and dedication to the community, Ty became the owner and executive chef of Paramount Grill.

Paramount Grill offers an American menu with French techniques, reflecting Ty's diverse culinary experiences from different places around the United States. Despite the challenges brought about by the pandemic, Ty's motivation to keep going and growing in the community never waned.

At Paramount Grill, every dish is cooked with the best ingredients, including high-quality meats and fish, and locally sourced fruits and vegetables whenever possible. The menu boasts a variety of mouth-watering options, from the Steak served with cherry tomatoes, shallots, beef broth, and butter, to the delicious Salmon, the Pork with braised carrots, and the tempting desserts.

Besides serving delicious food, Paramount Grill strives to give back to the community by sourcing as much as they can locally and attending events. And with its classic interior feel, it is the perfect place for special occasions.

If you're looking for a place to have a memorable night out in Downtown Gainesville, look no further than Paramount Grill. And don't forget to download the BYPPO app to get $5 towards your next meal every time you check in to your favorite spots on the app. Let's keep supporting local restaurants and growing our foodie community in town.

Written by: Adriana Rosales, BYPPO Marketing Team

University of Florida College of Journalism and Communication Student


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