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A Fresh Wave of Flavor at The Waterfront: Orlando's Lakeside Gem

Local's favorite lakeside restaurant, The Waterfront Orlando, is set to make waves with a dazzling $800,000 makeover. Formerly known as Julie's Waterfront, this beloved establishment was acquired by its current owners in 2017, and they're determined to breathe new life into this classic restaurant.

The Waterfront Orlando Entrance: "Food, Brews & Views"
The Waterfront Orlando Entrance: "Food, Brews & Views"

Drawing inspiration from its lakeside view, The Waterfront is changing to a more seafood-centered menu. Look out for a lot more local seafood, from juicy Florida shrimp to a variety of Florida fish. Expect a mouthwatering array of options, including fresh grouper, flounder and Red Snapper sourced from the Gulf, alongside delicacies like lionfish and halibut. Of course, their Asian-style salmon, an undeniable favorite, will continue to grace the menu. They also have plans to introduce a dazzling raw bar featuring fresh oysters and an array of cold seafood delights. They will continue to work closely with their local distributor to provide the freshest dive-caught fish. By keeping the fish fresh and local, they hope to reel in the title of "best seafood restaurant in central Florida."

In preparation for these menu changes, the team has been conducting constant research to create innovative twists on classic dishes. Their philosophy is simple: always start with excellent quality. But fret not, loyal patrons! The Waterfront isn't bidding adieu to everything. They are keeping their iconic shrimp and grits – a dish featuring plump shrimp nestled atop creamy, buttery grits, complete with a sauce that strikes the perfect balance of flavor. We are glad it's here to stay, given it's probably the best shrimp and grits I've had. And let's not forget their colossal fried chicken sandwich – it's here to stay because they know how much people adore it. They will also continue their daily specials. Recently, they delighted diners with a tasty poké bowl featuring raw tuna cubes stir-fried with garlic and sesame oil and finished with a dash of salsa and sweet and spicy pickled carrots, all served over white rice. To round off this masterpiece, they topped it off with their signature mac salad.

Beyond the menu changes, The Waterfront is undergoing physical transformations as well. A sprawling outdoor deck, a spanking new parking lot, and nightly live music on the patio will elevate the dining experience. Guests are told to expect a "stunning transformation."

"Beachy" decor covers every inch of the restaurant
"Beachy" decor covers every inch of the restaurant

Join them on this exciting new chapter as they take the waterside dining experience to the next level.


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