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Designer Desserts: The Artistic Vision Behind The Blakery

If you have a sweet tooth and a love for treats that taste as good as they look, a visit to The Blakery at South Beach Food Hall is a must. Founded by the creative and passionate Blake Warman, The Blakery has quickly risen to fame for its exceptional cookies, unique ice cream flavors and a story as sweet as its confections.

Warman's journey into the world of baking and entrepreneurship is nothing short of remarkable. While entering college, he embarked on a weight loss journey that transformed his life. Rather than indulging in sweets himself, he turned to baking as a creative outlet, a sweet distraction if you will. He began to bake non-stop for families and friends. What started as a personal endeavor soon gained the attention of friends and family, who were blown away by his creations.

"My original cookie was a Reese's cookie," said Warman. "It was a huge peanut butter cookie with chunks of Reese's Cups and stuffed with peanut butter."

It wasn't until his friends urged him to turn his passion into a business that The Blakery truly came to life. Armed with a Google Doc packed with orders, he began selling his cookies in his hometown of New York. As demand grew, he expanded to wholesaling his creations to local bagel shops. However, it was his move to Miami for college that ignited the bakery's growth.

Tons of delicious options to choose from. The different cookies are displayed on stands
Tons of delicious options to choose from!

Warman began using Uber Eats to deliver his cookies straight from his off-campus apartment. The UM community quickly fell in love with the cookies, and The Blakery's reputation flourished. With a keen eye for business opportunities and a heart full of passion, The Blakery expanded to cater to sororities and various campus events.

For Warman, every cookie is a masterpiece. "I like to consider them works of art," he said, "and make them taste as good as they look." The idea is to create an aesthetically pleasing designer version of a cookie with the "perfect balance of flavors." Some staple flavors include the cinnamon toast cookie, loaded with cinnamon toast crunch cereal and a mini cinnamon roll at its center. Another iconic flavor is the "Dunkaroo," a childhood classic: confetti cookie loaded with sprinkles, white chocolate chips and homemade Dunkaroo frosting.

Today, you can find The Blakery at the South Beach Food Hall, where he has solidified his menu. Warman gets lots of flavor inspiration from simply walking the aisles at Target and observing all the seasonal candies and trends.

The Blakery stands proud at South Beach Food Hall
The Blakery stands proud at South Beach Food Hall

A seasonal cookie that will be making a return in the winter is their "Hot Cocoa" cookie. However, the menu doesn't stop at cookies. Warman partnered with his favorite Miami ice cream shop, The Frieze, to craft an ice cream menu that complements his one-of-a-kind cookies. Now you can get your favorite cookie flavors in ice cream version. I mean, what's better than a scoop of ice cream over a warm, gooey cookie.

In a world filled with cookies and desserts, The Blakery stands out because of its innovation, artistry and passion. It's about transforming your simple power into sweet realities. The best part, you don't have to live nearby to indulge. Get these delicious cookies delivered now!!


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