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Dick Mondell's: The Herbal Chicken Burger

First Impressions

My first thought to Dick's was "wow, this place looks like a food-stand in an amusement park!" Thankfully, the food is far superior to the food in amusement parks. The drive-through and shed colored in bright orange and blue (kind of reminds you of a particular school doesn't it?), makes this burger joint feel especially friendly. Even the trash cans are engraved with the burger joint's logo!

The Herbal Chicken Burger and the Veggie Burger at Dick Mondell Gainesville

The Taste

I am an anomaly. I ordered a chicken burger at a joint most famous for its beef burgers. I do not regret it one bit.

The burger itself was the size of a CD-disk, a smaller burger compared to other burger joints around town.

Size does not matter.

This small burger satisfied my hunger far better than other places around town. The chicken burger threw a party in my mouth and invited his friends, onion, lettuce, pickle, and mayo. It was the equivalent of having a fun get together with only your close friends. A simple, yet, amazing get together of fresh ingredients.

The Chicken Burger at Dick Mondell's with Onions, Pickles, Lettuce

Chicken breast is not easy to cook. A little too long on the stove, your chicken becomes rubbery, a little too short on the stove, you become rubbery. Chicken breasts require precision, and Dick Mondell's chicken was precise with a perfect tenderness on the inside and crispiness on the outside.

I noticed hints of herbal flavors in the chicken breast. The herbs were the backing singers to the chicken breast main show, complementing but not overpowering.

The other ingredients, while simple, were effective. This burger is a minimalist's ideal burger. Nothing on the burger was unnecessary, everything just worked.

The fresh lettuce cleansed any imperfections of the bite, and the tangy onion added character.

Closing Note

Dick Mondell's is easily one of the best burger joints in town. I was surprised to find out this unique amusement-park burger joint is exclusive to Gainesville.

Enjoy this exclusive burger joint while you're here!

The popular The Original Big Dick will be reviewed next!

The Herbal Chicken Burger, the Veggie Burger, and a Chocolate Chip Cookie at Dick Mondell's


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