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Gainesville's Hole-in-the-wall: Daily Green

Atmosphere: Hole in the Wall

Daily Green is a traditional hole in the wall in Gainesville, FL, that you won't ever discover unless someone took you there.

Had they not placed a sign in front of the building, I would have never guessed that this little yellow hut would house some of the best vegan dishes I've had in Gainesville.

Daily Green Store Front (image source)

Visiting Daily Green for the first time was a little confusing. Daily Green locked their front door to enforce a safe food dining experience in the time of COVID-19. Since they only have drive-through windows and my friend I wanted to sit down to eat, we had to walk to a side window to order. The outside seating, although limited, gives off a picnic vibe. The building is made for quick drive-throughs so consider stopping by Daily Green for a quick bite of something green and delicious!

Atmosphere Rating: 3.75/5

The Service

Since the location was structured as quick order and go, the service was limited. The employee in the drive-through window were very friendly and welcomed us with a bright smile. He was quick and responsive to what we ordered and made sure to help us as much as possible even though we weren't dining in.

Service Rating: 5/5

The Food

I ordered a Tempeh Ru, a sandwich containing marinated and grilled soy tempeh, Ru sauce, sauerkraut, cheese, and avocado with a side of Falafel chips.

Daily Green Menu: Falafel Chips and the Tempeh Ru

Falafel Chips

The chips look and feel like green hash browns covered with seeds. It's firm, dense, and nearly odorless.

The chips are one of those things you either love or hate. It's salt heavy and reliant on the mildness of chickpeas and beans to balance out the flavor. I loved the fresh out-of-ground taste of the chips.

Dish Rating: 3.75/5

The Tempeh Ru

The Tempeh Ru sandwich tasted as if it stemmed from a plant that bore vegan sandwiches. Tempeh by itself is usually nutty, and the addition of the sweetish sauerkraut drew out the contrast of the flavor exponentially. Sauerkrauts brought the tempeh to its fullest potential like an artist to a plain white canvas.

Dish Rating: 4.5/5

Daily Green Menu: Tempeh Ru Sandwich and Cuban Reuben

The Price

Although the sandwich checked off all the boxes of a good vegan sandwich, the price leaned towards the more expensive end of sandwiches at $14.


Daily Green Menu: The Tempeh Ru with Falafel Chips in the background

Daily Green offers a select few vegan dishes that anyone would enjoy. Despite the price tag for a sandwich of its size, the Tempeh Ru paired with Falafel chips is a delightful refreshing dish that is truly local.

Overall, I rated the place a 4.25/5. Compiling all of the aspects of the restaurant, I feel that Daily Green provides delicious fresh vegan food that are a tad more expensive than most.


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