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Introducing Chiki Churros: A Sweet Journey in St. Pete, Florida

Welcome to Chiki Churros, where crispy delights meet sweet indulgence! Owned and passionately curated by the talented Louka Strongylos, his story takes root in the heart of the vibrant city of St. Petersburg, Florida. However, Louka's culinary adventure begins at the family restaurants in Canada, nurturing a love for food that would lead him to create the churro haven we all know and love today.

Louka Strongylos outside of his dessert shop: Chiki Churros
Louka Strongylos the owner of Chiki Churros

Louka's journey in the food and beverage industry started early in Canada where he tuned his skills from working at his father's various restaurants. Later, he ventured into his own projects, from bars to dessert shops. Chiki Churros, however, was actually born out of necessity during the challenging times of the Covid lockdowns in Quebec. Louka created different ghost kitchens and food concepts and amidst these trials, Chiki Churros emerged as a beacon of sweet hope.

What defines the perfect churro? For Louka, it's the impeccable balance between crispiness and softness. At Chiki Churros, each bite promises the delightful contrast of a crispy exterior with a heavenly soft core. But the magic doesn't stop there. Louka's creativity knows no bounds, giving rise to unique creations like the tantalizing Churro Dog, the Churro Poutine, and the heavenly Churro Sundae.

At Chiki Churros, it's not just about churros; it's about a holistic experience. Their menu boasts an array of options to cater to every craving. From refreshing slushes to rich milkshakes, every sip is a burst of flavor. According to Louka, the most popular menu item is the Churro Sundae. This fan favorite is made up of ice cream, churros and your choice of dips and toppings all layered to perfection. The result? The perfect layered bite every time.

Chiki Churros also offers refreshing slushes
Chiki Churros also offers refreshing slushes and milkshakes

One of the hallmarks of Chiki Churros is the art of customization. Louka believes in the power of personalization, and that's why they offer a plethora of dips and toppings. Your Churro Sundae, your way!

Join Chiki Churros for a culinary adventure that celebrates the joy of desserts. Whether you're a local sweet tooth or a visitor seeking a memorable indulgence, their churros and desserts will leave you craving for more.


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