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Karma Cream - Coffee & Ice Cream

Always putting good stuff out there.

GAINESVILLE,FL -- Nothing is better than a great coffee with a yummy pastry, ice cream, a great study spot where you can do all your homework and study dates, or even a great place to catch up with friends and talk about your days. Well, Karma Cream has all of this and more!

Kyle Fick and his wife Emily are the brains behind the madness. Kyle, owner and operator, the man in the front, taking care of the coffee, and Emily, the mind behind the baked goods and the creativity have made Karma Cream one of the best vegan coffee shops here in Gainesville Florida.

Kyle went to the University of Florida and after graduating saw a need for vegetarian sweets options here in Gainesville. In 2009, he opened Karma cream with the idea of being an ice cream shop that served coffee. After the years and changes Karma Cream has become completely vegan focusing more on their coffee and pastries but still having delicious ice cream and other treats.


Their menu is made up of great food like their dinner-style sandwiches with a vegan twist, their pastries, coffees, milkshakes, ice creams, and more deliciousness. Coming from a non-vegan trying their puff pastries and baked goods were incredible. Many times people might think that pastries can't be good if they are vegan because they don't have butter, milk, and eggs, but Karma Cream makes it so that you don't notice that there is a difference. Emily, the hands in the kitchen tries new recipes and tries to make things that are usually not vegan, vegan tastes good.

With a great staff and environment, Karma Cream is a hip coffee shop giving all the college students a great environment to study and catch up with friends. Enhancing the Gainesville food community with great treats, it's a great place to visit. This upcoming year they will be bringing their new Nitro Coffee with a smoother chocolate flavor. Get excited about specials every week, great coffee, yummy pastries, and ice cream from one of our very own Gainesville locals. So stop by Karma Cream for some good Karma this semester, located close to UF at 607 W University Ave Gainesville.

The man behind the coffee at work. A little oat milk capuchino is always a good idea.

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Written by: Adriana Rosales, BYPPO Marketing TeamStudent at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communication


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