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Mi Casa Es Su Casa: Unveiling the Heart and Flavor of Casa 305

If there's one thing that defines Miami's vibrant cuisine, it's the rich combination of flavors and cultures. And us Miami natives are always searching for that next big thing. BYPPO may have found it! In the heart of west Kendall sits Casa 305 a restaurant not just about heavenly food, but a journey of passion, family, and innovation. I had the privilege to sit down with Ashley Godinez, one of the founders of Casa 305, to unravel the story behind this culinary gem that's making waves in Miami's culinary scene.


Ashley Godinez is no stranger to the restaurant industry. She got a "taste" for operating restaurants when she opened a franchise of Sushi Sake, a popular local chain sushi restaurant. While her time at Sushi Sake was an invaluable learning experience, she yearned to create an establishment that was uniquely her own. Inspired by the success of a nearby pizza joint, the Godinez family was struck by an inspiring idea: why not embark on a culinary adventure centered around pizza? However, their story wouldn't be complete without a tribute to their Cuban heritage, which prompted the fusion of these two worlds. And thus began the exhilarating quest to craft the finest Cuban pizza in Miami.

Creating the perfect Cuban pizza would require an extensive amount of research. The family spent months trying every Cuban pizza spot in Miami. They even hired a pizza expert to help them with their formula and dough. "We must have had over 50 tastings," said Ashley, "making the dough was a huge project for us."

Nonetheless, through meticulous research and countless tastings, they perfected their pizza dough: the perfect blend of crispy and chewy. According to Ashley, the ideal Cuban-style pizza has a crispy, buttery bottom thicker than a regular pizza. And, of course, it's not a Cuban pizza unless there's burnt cheese on every edge.

Casa 305 wanted to push the envelope of what goes on your pizza. Favorites like their Cuban sandwich pizza does just that. It takes all your favorite ingredients from a Cuban sandwich (pickles, mustard, ham) and puts them together on a crispy slice.

Delicious Cuban Sandwich Pizza with pickles, ham, mustard
Delicious Cuban Sandwich Pizza

However, Casa 305 doesn't stop at pizza. Their menu embraces a fusion of Latin flavors, influenced by different cultures and a deep connection to their Cuban heritage. Their Vaca Frita Sandwich is crafted with slow-roasted brisket marinated in their homemade mojo. Casa 305 wants you to feel right at home when you come in. They stress the culinary philosophy – "Mi Casa es su Casa." Every dish is prepared as if it were for their own family, with carefully selected, high-quality ingredients.

For the Godinez family, cooking is a shared passion; even Ashley's brother and father contribute their culinary expertise. While Ashley primarily focuses on the operational side and marketing, her father's keen eye for interior design ensures that the restaurant's ambiance perfectly fuses modernity and Miami deco.

Furthermore, the family is set on expanding the Casa 305 experience to more areas in South Florida. Their dedication to quality, service and a strong team shines through as they nurture a culture of growth and learning among their employees. Employee retention and exceptional customer service are critical cornerstones of their approach, as Ashley believes that great food should always be accompanied by excellent service.

Like any culinary endeavor, Casa 305 faced its share of challenges that Ashley has learned to quickly navigate. Designing an efficient kitchen flow, maintaining the quality of their ingredients, and fostering a strong team were all factors she wanted to perfect. Ashley's experience at Sushi Sake provided insights into what worked and didn't, shaping Casa 305's management style. An emphasis on teamwork, employee growth, and consistent quality has become the foundation of their success.

As Casa 305 continues to thrive, Ashley's enthusiasm for the journey ahead is contagious. She excitedly shared their plans for a new churrasco bowl the team has been working on. "It's my favorite steak I've ever had, and I'm really excited to share it with everybody," said Ashley. Moreover, expansion and franchising are on the horizon as they aim to spread their unique culinary fusion to more parts of South Florida.

The Godinez family has seamlessly blended their Cuban heritage with diverse Latin influences, creating a distinct flavor that resonates with every bite. As Casa 305 continues to evolve and expand, one thing remains constant: their dedication to offering a warm, inviting space where customers can savor not just the food but the love and care that goes into every dish. So, the next time you find yourself in Miami, visit Casa 305 for a truly unforgettable dining experience – a journey of flavor, family, and a touch of Miami flare.


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