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Miami's Sweet Spot: Max'd Out Donuts

Meet Roy Casiano, one of the brilliant founders of locals' favorite donut shop, Max'd Out Donuts. Casiano has a rich history in the hospitality industry, working every job from busboy to the Food and Beverage director of high-end restaurants. After years in the industry, he began to wish for a new food concept that would allow for a more balanced lifestyle.

Enter Chef Max Santiago, Roy's longtime friend and culinary genius. Santiago is an award-winning executive pastry chef with over 30 years of experience. He was even a finalist on the Food Network's "Best Baker in America" competition. His partnership with Casiano was forged through various restaurant ventures and joint consulting. After opening a successful Cuban restaurant together in Brickell City Center, Casiano proposed the idea of opening a donut shop. Max enthusiastically agreed, marking the genesis of Max'd Out Donuts.

This venture aimed to create unique flavors while keeping ingredients local. From their fruit filling to coffee, they source everything locally to ensure freshness and the support of their community. All their coffee is supplied by a fourth-generation Ecuadorian family business.

The donut selection includes signature classics like original glazed Boston cream and "homer," their version of strawberry. However, their main attraction is their rotating "MAXed out" flavors. For example, their Samoa Girl Scout Donut or crunchy Corn Brûlée donut. However, even their OG glazed is next level. Picture a glazed donut made from Madagascar whole vanilla beans and their signature brioche dough. It's the "Rolls Royce of Krispy Kreme."

Vegan Cookies and Cream Roll Donuts made from scratch
Vegan Cookies and Cream Roll Donuts made entirely from scratch

The whole team at Max'd Out Donuts is incredibly talented, each with extensive backgrounds in high-end cuisine. They've even ventured into vegan options, like their seasonal cookies and cream vegan roll, which is entirely made from scratch, from the cookie dough to the cocoa crumble and vegan cream.

As demand continues to grow, Roy envisions expanding to family-friendly suburban locations, becoming a beloved neighborhood classic.

"Things almost matter more because it's smaller scale. So, the value of everything is, is, is almost higher."

So, whether you're a donut connoisseur or just someone with a sweet tooth, Max's Out Donuts promises a delightful journey of flavors and a warm, community-driven atmosphere. Take the chance to experience the magic created by Roy, Max, and their passionate team in Miami.


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