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Superette: Wine, Dine, and Enjoy

We get it - life is stressful, and sometimes all you need is some sunshine and wine to relax. But where could you possibly go in Gainesville for that magical combination? Luckily, Superette Wine & Provisions opened in Gainesville this year offering the perfect wine and outdoor dining getaway so you can soak up that vitamin D and wine all in one go!

Superette, located just north of the UF campus, in the historic Gulf Oil Building and former home of Civilization on NW 2nd with outdoor dining and lounging space for guests - all tucked away from the commotion of areas like midtown and downtown Gainesville. Inside Superette, a wine shop, specialty market, and deli await for exploration. More importantly, Superette's superb service and elevated hospitality are a welcome addition to the Gainesville food scene!

Let’s Talk Provisions

Alongside their wide selection of wine, Superette also offers lunch and dinner menus! Additionally, they have a dinner release menu (in between dinner and lunch) that has simple snacks like charcuterie and cheese boards, and other grazing dishes.

Summer Salad

We got to try the Summer Salad which is a beautiful mix of jicama, cucumber, and herbs. The dish is on the lunch menu and is a refreshing dish to enjoy in the Gainesville summer’s heat! Also, the Hummus with Crostini plate is a great dish to enjoy with friends any day. It features hummus with chimichurri, bread & butter onion, pea shoot, and crostini!

Beef and Mushroom Kebabs

The Superette dinner holds exciting dishes like their beef and mushroom kebabs which are their fresh take on a steak dinner. Served with king trumpet mushrooms, cilantro, and freshly grated horseradish, this dish seems like quite the experience. At Superette, the menus are constantly changing, so if anything has caught your eye so far - head over quick!

What’s Next?

Superette seems like a dream already, but guess what… They’re just getting started. Having just opened in February, Superette hasn’t even reached the full potential its owners have planned for it yet! For owners Maya Velesko and Katherine Haswell, Superette is more than just a business - it’s their hard work and longtime dream coming to fruition.

Velesko and Haswell have big plans for the future of Superette and are excited to continue evolving the business. The amazing space has room for additional garden areas, umbrellas, and potentially a stage for events.

Co-owners of Superette - Maya Velsko and Katherine Haswell

One thing we're excited about is potential collaborations and events at Superette! With her background as a wine director and instructor of a wine course, Haswell wants to work on bringing wine classes, tastings, and clubs to Superette.

With so much room to grow, we’re excited to see what Superette brings to Gainesville's food scene. If you’re ever in need of some relaxation, bring some friends and check out Superette for tasty wines or a delicious meal!


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