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Miami’s Taco Maestro: The Wolf of Tacos’ Flavorful Rise to Fame

The Wolf of Tacos cutting the pork rotating on the trompo
Lara carefully trims the marinated pork so it cooks evenly on the trompo

In the busy streets of Wynwood, there is a culinary legend in the making – Eduardo Lara, but you probably know him as "The Wolf of Tacos." His name has become synonymous with Miami's most authentic Mexican al pastor tacos.

What started as a happy accident and a quest for the perfect taco has now transformed into a thriving business. Expanding through pop-ups across Miami, one thing is sure: The Wolf and his dedicated team are poised for an extraordinary future, leaving us eagerly wondering what lies ahead.

The Pursuit of Taco Perfection: Lara's Ode to Authentic Flavors

Lara has always been passionate about creating the "perfect taco" — a combination of delicious flavors and genuine authenticity. His love grew so strong that he faced a pivotal choice: either remain in the restaurant industry or pursue his passion for crafting the ultimate taco.

Today, Lara's tacos are an ode to the flavors that captivated him in his hometown of Mexico City. Eduardo's frequent visits home allowed him to ensure that his tacos remained true to their origins, using similar techniques and ingredients. Through countless trials, errors, and many taco tastings, Lara finally achieved perfection in his al pastor marinade — a recipe that distinguishes his tacos from the rest.

From Humble Beginnings to Pop-Up Phenomenon

The Wolf of Tacos made its humble debut with pop-up events at Lara's own home. However, as word-of-mouth buzz began to spread, a steady stream of people flocked to experience the culinary delights. This overwhelming response prompted Eduardo to expand his operations, organizing pop-ups at various locations and establishing a prominent presence in Miami's culinary scene. Taco enthusiasts can currently savor the Wolf's offerings at J. Wakefield Brewing every Tuesday and Dante's HiFi on Friday nights.

Lara's business partner, Pablo, lining up the tortillas on the grill
Lara's business partner, Pablo, lining up the tortillas on the grill

As Eduardo's reputation grew, so did his team. The journey wasn't without challenges, but with the support of talented chefs and strategic partnerships, Eduardo persevered despite the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. He emphasizes the importance of community and giving back, acknowledging the friends, family and chefs who supported his pop-ups and contributed to his growth.

The key to success, according to Lara, is to know your strengths and weaknesses and not hesitate to accept help when it's offered. He emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with a trusting team rather than attempting to navigate everything alone.

"I know what I'm good at, and I know what I'm not. So then I delegate what I'm not. And because of that, we've grown and done way cooler things than I could have ever done by myself." - Eduardo Lara, creator of The Wolf of Tacos

Al Pastor Delights: The Star of the Wolf of Tacos

Lara's al pastor tacos have become the star of his pop-up, with lines of eager customers that wrap around the corner. Each taco is meticulously prepared, stacked with layers of marinated meat that are fused together, and cooked on a special "trompo" Lara altered himself. This process ensures a delightful combination of crispy, soft, and juicy textures, making each bite an unforgettable experience. The al pastor receives a handful of diced red onions, fresh cilantro and a thinly sliced pineapple wedge.

Lara and his team have captured Miami's hearts and taste buds with their relentless pursuit of taco perfection. From humble beginnings to his current culinary success, Eduardo's journey showcases the power of passion, perseverance, and authenticity. With each exquisitely crafted taco, Eduardo continues to honor and share his Mexican heritage with the Miami culinary scene.

Written by Saffron Koppelmann.


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