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The Official BYPPO “Swamp Drink”

What is the latest craze around town about the newest Starbucks drink, the BYPPO “Swamp Drink?”

The BYPPO Swamp Drink is Gainesville’s newest eye-catchy and refreshing drink. Your favorite Starbucks barista on campus will combine matcha green tea, soy milk, and Starbucks strawberry acai refresher together. It is garnished with dragon fruit for the perfect finish. Think tangy, sweet, and fuelling to get you through those long days of studying.

Close to 30 years ago the University of Florida gained a nickname that would stick around for good -- “the Swamp.” The Swamp is where the Gators live, and where the University of Florida plays football. The Florida Field was built on a swamp, so how fitting that it continues to remain called the Swamp?

Many years later, a fellow Gator alumnus, Victoria Liu, came up with a brilliant idea. Victoria noticed the need to make it easier for students to connect on-campus and order food delivery, all with going-green and safety as a priority. Just like that BYPPOCampus was born. The BYPPOCampus program’s mission is to bring an additional income to students, make ordering food fast and convenient, and build a community on campus by meeting new students via the BYPPO app. BYPPO is exclusive to only campus-goers and all the restaurants on campus.

The BYPPO team worked together directly with the Gator Dining team at Starbucks to create a drink perfect for the University of Florida. The “Swamp” name pairs well with its bright green and pink swampy appearance.

Now, the next time you are feeling pretty swamped from all your exams, from work, from life, or all the above, look no further than getting the “Swamp” drink to destress and feel refreshed.

You can get this drink only on UF campus at Starbucks locations using the BYPPO App ( for a limited time. If you’re looking to share the Swamp drink with your with your friend for FREE, be sure to share it through the BYPPO Friends Referral program, as both you and your friend can get a FREE $5 credit towards your Swamp Drink.

We look forward to you all trying “the Swamp” drink and be sure to tag the BYPPOCampus social media page - we would love to see your refreshed faces.


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