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The Swamp Restaurant: The Heart of Gainesville, FL.

Located at 1104 SW 2nd Ave, Gainesville, FL the Swamp had been home to many locals in this town.

Ryan Prodesky, the owner of Swamp and Local Provisions, came to Gainesville, FL in 2001 to study business at the University of Florida. Since stepping foot in the city, Ryan knew he had found a place that felt just like home. The Swamp originally started in 1994 and has always been there for those big moments of GATOR NATION HISTORY. For any big sporting event, Swamp was and is the best place to be.

The first Swamp Restaurant location was knocked down in June of 2020 due to land development and it was supposed to go under the apartment complex that was built, but it just didn’t feel right. Finally, Ryan found the land where they are now, and the idea to rebuild the Swamp Restaurant entirely came to life. With the original blueprints and 90% of the restaurant decorations from the old swamp, the new Swamp Restaurant has been built and designed to feel like home.

Nothing pairs better with a great place like this one than delicious food. From Gator Bites, burgers, and wraps to Tuna Poke Bowls, the Swamp Restaurant has a great selection of mouth-watering food and delicious drinks that just leaves you wanting more. With ingredients from local vendors and a great mind behind the kitchen, the Swamp Restaurant has delectable "American fare with a little twist."

The Swamp Restaurant has an amazing culture that makes their employees take pride in being part of this family. Since it opened in 1994 Swamp Girls, and other servers have come and gone and have made the Swamp Restaurant the place it is today. With amazing service, everyone at the restaurants wants you to have a great time. No matter if it's game day and there are over one hundred people there wanting food and beer, the Swamp Restaurant family will always be there to make sure everyone has an amazing time creating memories. The challenge to meet everyone's expectations of the old Swamp Restaurant is there, but this team does everything they can to preserve the great atmosphere, delicious food, and happy memories.

Football season at the Swamp Restaurant is incomparable. People driving into town and going straight to get a burger and a beer just shows the love that people have for this place. The number of stories and memories cultivated here makes it the perfect place.

Stop by the Swamp Restaurant any day of the week to enjoy some of the customers' favorites like The Freshman 15 Burger, The Tallahassee Burn Out chicken sandwich, and their delicious Chicken Tenders and Fries with a beer pitcher and more. They are just scratching the surface of up-and-coming surprises this year, so stay tuned. Be a part of The Bachelor Nights on Monday, and Friday Recess starting at 3:00 pm, and Sunday Brunch from 10:00-3:00 pm. This Sunday, watch one of the biggest nights in the NFL, the Super Bowl and celebrate Valentine's Day with their Lock & Key Party.

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Written by: Adriana Rosales, BYPPO Marketing Team

Student at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communication


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