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Vegan Scoops: Where Dairy-Free Dreams Come True

Attention, foodies and vegan enthusiasts! Today, we're diving into the world of cruelty-free indulgence with a visit to Vegan Scoops in Orlando. Meet Yaneisy Lopez, one of the brilliant minds behind this vegan ice cream concept. She and her partner Andres created this space so the Orlando community could experience the nostalgia of getting an ice cream but now dairy-free.

Yaneisy and Andres moved from Miami to Orlando about a year ago, driven by their love for the area and a desire for change. They enjoyed Orlando's charm, and their two little ones couldn't be happier with the frequent visits to Disney.

Part of Vegan Scoops comes from Yaneisy's passion for baking back in high school. "I was that person in school selling cupcakes for a dollar," she said. Baking became her first job, providing her with invaluable experience. The transition from baking to ice cream was natural and laid the foundation for Vegan Scoops.

100% Vegan Goodness
100% Vegan Goodness

The couple, who have been vegan since 18, recognized a void in the community's dessert options. The ice cream shops they found only offered one or two vegan options. Other shops relied on pushing their sorbet as their vegan option, but it wasn't the same. They wanted to offer traditional ice cream flavors that everyone could enjoy. That's why their recipes are as allergy-friendly as possible.

The couple started Vegan Scoops as a food truck and sold their pints of ice cream to various retail spots around Orlando. They eventually switched to a brick-and-mortar location at the Market on South about two months ago. However, the truck is still perfect for attending vegan block parties and events around Florida.

To capture the creaminess of traditional dairy ice cream, they use premium coconut milk as the base for all their ice creams. They offer six signature flavors, including classic choices like Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, and Strawberry. All of their bases are made from fresh, seasonal ingredients. For example, their strawberry ice cream uses eight pounds of fresh strawberries. Additionally, they introduce two rotating flavors weekly, ensuring there's always something new to discover. As fall approaches, they're bringing back beloved favorites like Pumpkin Pie, a nod to their beginnings in the fall season last year. Vegan Scoops also proudly represents the couple's Cuban heritage. Flavors like Piña Colada, Guava and Cuban Cafecito pay homage to their roots. However, the deliciousness doesn't stop at ice cream. Vegan Scoops is also known for its hot plate: warm desserts served with a scoop of ice cream and delectable toppings. Some of their hot plates feature cinnamon buns, churros and mini pancakes.

Guava ice cream on top of warm mini pancakes
Guava Ice Cream on Top of Warm Mini Pancakes

The vegan community in Orlando has embraced Vegan Scoops with open arms, spreading the word through word of mouth and social media. Parents have expressed gratitude for finally finding a safe place to treat their children to delicious allergy-friendly ice cream.

As they celebrate their first year in business, Vegan Scoops plans to bring even more excitement to the community. They're gearing up for the "Vegan Glow Party," their first hosted event in Orlando, and are also planning movie nights where families and friends can come together to enjoy their delicious plant-based offerings.

So, whether you're searching for a dairy-free dessert or just a curious foodie, Vegan Scoops in Orlando is a must-visit destination for the most decadent, plant-based ice cream delights.


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