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"We prepare your food fresh daily and give you the comfortable feeling of eating at your home." - Brianna, Local Gainesville Restaurant Owner of I Love Baby's Kitchen

In 2021, Brianna and her husband decided to open I Love Baby’s Kitchen on the west side of Gainesville, FL. Bringing comfort, quality, and convenience every time a new customer comes in the door, they have been able to build a food community within the Gainesville food community.

They have been able to mix home-style family cooking with a restaurant feel by cooking delicious meals that families can enjoy within the comfort of their own homes. They cook with fresh ingredients bringing the best quality to their customers.


Coming from New Jersey to Gainesville, FL to be with family, Brianna got the idea to open I Love Baby’s Kitchen. The name of the restaurant came from the love that her family had for her and her cooking. Her husband's grandfather called her Baby ever since they knew each other, and the name stuck, and that’s why it is called “I Love Baby’s Kitchen.”

Even though Brianna loves to cook, her other passion is baking. She bakes for her kids and family all the time. The kitchen is her happy place, and you can tell when she’s in there cooking. Always with a smile on her face, she tries her best to bring the best of the best for her customers.

Victoria, CEO of BYPPO, and Brianna hard at work!

The restaurant’s biggest day is Wingin’ Wednesday. Not only are her wings delicious, but everything is made fresh and almost all made in-house. Her Wednesday mornings start by prepping the wings that morning and seasoning them (that's why they are so good). Then she preps and seasons her flour as well. And she checks the wing's temperature to make sure they are perfect. They have four delicious sauces to dip the wings in, and three are made in-house. They have homemade Hot Sauce, Garlic Parm, Chili Thai, and Golden Bbq! Everything is made fresh and on the spot. The great wings, their delicious sauces, and their yummy hand-cut fries Wednesdays at Baby’s kitchen are the best.

Whenever you have the time to stop by and want a great meal that makes you think of home, come on down to I Love Baby’s Kitchen, located at 4908 NW 34th Blvd Unit 4. With great reviews and a great community, Babys' Kitchen is the place to go. Their menu will be revamped this upcoming year and will be better than ever! Coming soon, they will be joining our Gainesville food community and will be available on our Byppo app for check-in. Get excited to try out their delicious wings from one of our very own Gainesville local.

Check us out on our BYPPO APP and support local businesses here in Gainesville, FL.

Written by: Adriana Rosales, BYPPO Marketing Team

Student at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications


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